Sengarian Path

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The Sengarian Path
ScriptureThe Arbiter's Will
The Arbiter of FaithThomas Scyteborn
The Ordinator of the MassesSigeric Ehlsonn
HeadquartersThe Holy Temple of Zethortal

The Sengarian Path is a polytheistic religion established by Thomas Scyteborn and Sigeric Ehlsonn, the two men had recieved trials during their lifetimes from what they had come to know as the divines. They established a religion around said divines and preached the word to all whom they would come across. It is said that the divines speak through the faithful, and if you are deemed worthy they will communicate to you. Some have been said to have recieved trials from the divines and after completing said trial they would recieve a hefty reward, either in the form of a physical object or good fortune. The Sengarian Path has many tenants, but mainly they value life, loyalty and justice.


The Sengarian Belief is that the Divines are those who led the creation of the Earth, and that they cast aside those who turned their back on the world. The Divines are not just the three main deities that the Sengarians worship, but are all the spirits which inhabit the realm of Neamh (the heavens). Their connection to Talamh (the Earth) allows them to connect with the beings that live there and project their influence onto them. They can often take form on Talamh either in spiritual form or by taking a body as a host, the Divines often do this through the Arbiter as a way of communication to their people.


Neamh is the realm of the Divines, all divine beings live here and are bound to the realm. They can interact and even leave the realm, but their full power will not be present in any other realms. It is believed that when you look up into the sky that you can see Neamh, as it is thought the stars are actually holes in the sky and that the light they emit is Neamh leaking through.


The Realm of Ifrinn is where all the Doedrin (rejected spirits) lay. These are the spirits that refused to take part in the creation of the earth, and were against the sacrifice of Talamh.



Mahr-iel is the Divine who focuses on life and love, she is the Earth mother and is often followed by healers and pacifists. She is known by many as the peacemaker and works to bring peace to the lands, she is disgusted by acts of mindless aggression and hate. She has a general dislike for the Divine Deagriar as she sees his methods as abhorrent.


Ehl is the Divine who focuses on Loyalty and Kinship as well as Self Determination, he is the father of the seas and is said to hold the earth itself together. He is often followed by warriors and those who consider themselves great leaders. He is also the Patron Divine of the Vanadians, as he is very present in their creation myth. Whilst not as vengeful as Deagriar, Ehl is known to uphold loyalty and greatly punish those who break it.


Deagriar is the Divine who focuses on Vengeance and Justice, he is often followed by those who have been cast down in life. He is known for plotting with mortals to get his will, often betraying them as either an act of Vengeance if he believes they have wronged him, or if he simply deems it to be the best option. It is said that if one who has been betrayed or wronged themselves makes a sincere offering to Deagriar, that he will take up their cause and get revenge on those who have wronged them. Deagriar often is said to admire Ehl for his dedication to loyalty, but at the same time looks down on him for being too forgiving at times.


Talamh was the Deity that was sacrificed by the Divines to build the Earth, he was betrayed by his fellow Divines and had has heart cut out of his body. His heart was then placed into a mountain in the newly created Earth to give it life.

Hierarchy, law and calendar

Arbiter of Faith

The role of Arbiter of Faith, currently held by Thomas Scyteborn, is the most senior role within the Sengarian Path. The Arbiter is he who guides and leads the faith, as well as the Divines direct line of communication with the mortal realm. The Divines choose the Arbiter as their vessel of communication due to his strong faith and the fact that he has been witness directly to the actions of the Divines.

Ordinator of the Masses

The role of Ordinator of the Masses, currently held by Sigeric Ehlsonn, is the second most senior role within the Sengarian Path. The Ordinator directly serves the Arbiter as well as the divines, as in word they are one and the same.


Falmh Linn - 20,000 years of desolation

Èigh Linn - 40,000 years of emergence

Reòta Linn - 35,000 years of glaciation

(Beginning of recorded history)

A'ch Linn I.L 1-1244

An'dà Linn II.L 1-1537

An'tr Linn III.L 1-1582

An'ce Linn IV.L 1-644 (oct 23)

Holy sites

Salt Flats of Zethortal

The salt lake west of the commonwealth is a holy site for the followers of the Sengarian Path. For many of the people of the Commonwealth it's a daily ritual to pray there. After their destruction many followers of Deagriar took the salt flats as a place of worship, to fuel their vengeance and demand for justice at the sight of the greatest wrongdoing to Talamh.

Holy Temple of Zethortal

The Holy Temple of Zethortal was the first Sengarian temple built, it is where the headquarters of the faith are on the continent of Ceyreto and where the Arbiter himself lives. It is the site of all the scriptures and relics of the Sengarian Path.

Cathedral of Deagriar at Guldhir

the Cathedral of Deagriar at Guldhir was built by the Sengarians after given permission by the Emperor Skald Dodbane.