Kupfer Keep

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Kupfer Keep
Nickname(s): The Realm of Copper
Motto(s): WIP
Anthem: WIP
Settled14 AC
Founded byOskar Zickle-Woggle
SeatCultural, Political
 • TypeMonarchy
 • BodyRoyal Court
 • High-King (founder)Oskar Zickle-Woggle
 • High-King (current)Oskar Zickle-Woggle
 • Total33

Kupfer Keep is the Capital of the Gnomish kingdom of Gnibelhaym, and a regional member of Sundorboren, located in central Adelaar.

Kupfer Keep is a bustling metropolitan powerhouse located inside a formerly abandoned mountain and is led by the engineering High-King Oskar Zickle-Woggle, who has personally helped build and designed many projects.



Gnomes have long been present in Adelaar. Entire Kingdoms and Empires have risen and fallen throughout the eons, for example Gnibelhaym, the original Kingdom of the Gnomes in the north of Adelaar, which after falling sent waves of gnomes in diaspora throughout the continent.

Zickle-Woggle is a surname that came about due to the union of two Gnome families many centuries before year 0 AC. The Noble Zickles and the Commoner family of Woggles united in a story of forbidden love between members Albus Zickle and Katarin Woggle. These two houses were able to put aside their differences for the sake of the love between their kin and thus the new "Zickle-Woggle" family was born, which unbeknownst to them was fated to play an important role in shaping the very future of the Gnomish race on Adelaar.

Gnomes were traditionally well regarded by the other races on the planet to be jovial and friendly creatures with a good sense of honor. Due to past events in the last century and conflicts with other races on Adelaar however, Gnomes have endured a a rough reputation.

The Founding of Kupfer Keep

Oskar Ziggle-Woggle was born in an upcoming gnomish kingdom that was among many gnomish entities that sought to expand into the surface world and reduce isolationism. This gradually polarized the gnomes between those who wanted to remain traditional, and those who wanted to "gnomi-fest destiny" by settling on the surface. The latter faction was led by an absolutist monarch who exploited many gnomish anxieties and agitated conquests of the surface.

During the Gnomish Wars of Conquest in full swing, Oskar quickly rose through the ranks and after fighting several battles was to eventually rise to the rank of Colonel and even lead his own small regiment. However, he succumbed to heavy drinking and weariness, and the gnomes were gradually driven away from the inhabitable surfaces of Adelaar. After this, surface-dwelling factions retreated peacefully, but the gnomish lands fell into a decades long civil war, severely decimating and scattering the gnomish population.

Believing that if seen by surface dwellers they would be destroyed fir revenge over their people's Wars of Conquest, Oskar Ziggle-Woggle and his family went into hiding underground from the violence and chaos. The underground exile lasted for years, but ever-roaming bands of Goblins and Undead proved the underground to be inhospitable. Eventually, they began to dwindle in numbers, and soon all that were left of the original seven that ventured were reduced to a mere three. The three that remained were Oskar, his brother Woskar, and their Cousin Juneberry. All three buried their recent dead and made the decision to venture to the surface and take their chances there rather than die forgotten underneath.

Around year 14 AC, due to rising casualties and desperation, Oskar and his family started searching for the surface for safety. It took weeks before re-emerging. On the first night after this, Oskar Ziggle-Woggle received a revelation in a dream in which the gentle voice of "Grandfather" guided him to the ruins of Cathalos, and then to the nearby mountains in central Adelaar. The vision's words is chronicled to have been spoken thus:

"Oskar. Our people have strayed from the light and embraced the darkness, I have chosen you to be my Champion and to set things right once again, for the betterment of all. /.../ I have long been absent from our people's affairs and they have forgotten my call and embrace. I need you to help me in my endeavor to save our people before it is too late. /.../ All will be revealed in time, for now, you must journey to the abandoned settlement of Cathalos and from there you will see a nearby mountain that shall be your shield. I have spoken. /.../ You may call me Grandfather"

This determination led his path towards becoming the High-King of the Gnomish Kingdom of Kupfer Keep, the “Realm of Copper”. Many of the remaining Gnomes that were in hiding from the Rhuumish diaspora converged on Kupfer Keep and with them came a new and brighter future for the Gnomes, one that saw a home being built into the mountains.

Modern History

Oskar Ziggle-Woggle led his kingdom to become a member in the second iteration of Sundorboren.

King Lorin Leafsteel I of Aelfscyn was treaded for wounds to his hands in Kupfer Keep after the Orc War.


Central Adelaar

Bordered by West Borea to the west, East Borea to the east, the unnamed mountain range across the unnamed gap to the north, and another unnamed mountain range and Aelfscyn to the south.


Not much is known about Gnomish faith other than that the revelation to Oskar Ziggle-woggle by Grandfather Kyria - whose teachings and wisdom is revered for maintaining tradition and continuity to their culture.



Grand halls were carved from the very earth itself, along with great mines and farms. Forges were built, and the fires of industry were alit with inspiration once more.

The walls and great stone columns were adorned with Copper, a plentiful resource that held a religious prestige amongst Gnomes for its connection to their creator, Grandfather Kyria. Great buildings on the surface were also built, to showcase both Gnomish engineering skill and their willingness to no longer be as secretive and detached as their ancestors once were.