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The Republic of Sundorboren (Tiberian: dir Rapuublik vaan Boorensriche) is a federal republic on the continent of Adelaa'r.

Republic of Sundorboren
Banner Coat of arms
Location of Sundorboren
CapitalAakhan (formerly), Aelfscyn (formerly), Kupfer Keep (current)
Demonym Borean
Government Federal Republic
 •  Chancellor Sativaz
 •  Vice Chancellor Unoccupied
Legislature Senate of Borea
 •  Realm of Sundorboren Ninth Month of 16 A.C. (April 9th, 2024) 
 •  Republic of Sundorboren Third Month of 18 AC (June 3rd 2024) 
 •  census 129
GDP (PPP) estimate
 •  Total $1,351,739.49


Royal Era

After the fall of the Commonwealth of Adelaar, an old nation called Sundorboren was re-formed in the ruins of the Commonwealth. It was proclaimed a constitutional monarchy, with a monarch as head-of-state and Chancellor as head of government.

Foundation of the Republic

After a series of harsh expansionist wars, the Senate voted to abolish the monarchy on the federal level, though allowed nobles and monarchs to rule individual towns and even be members of the Senate.

Chancellor Ehlsson's Administration (14 AC - 18 AC)

The first Chancellor, Theuderik Ehlsson, served during both the Realm and the Republic and was in charge during the abolition of the federal monarchy.

He declared himself Chancellor For Life so that he could serve as many terms as he wished. However, due to his popularity, no action was taken by the Senate or populace against this.

He led the nation through multiple wars, passed many laws including Act VI: Constitutional Ammendment, which transferred the powers of the King to the Senate to form the Republic, Act IV: Regions of Sundorboren, which reformed the system of regions and states within the nation, and Act III: Constitution of Sundorboren, which was, as the name suggests, the constitution of the Republic.

He also began military reforms, appointing a commander-in-chief with the rank of Marshall of Borea to organize the armed forces, though did not see the result of these reforms, as he resigned soon after.

Chancellor Sativaz's Administration (18 AC - Present)

The current Chancellor is Sativaz, appointed to replace Chancellor Ehlsson by the Senate upon Ehlsson's resignation.

So far, he has introduced many reforms, most influentially Act IX: Creation of the Office of the Vice Chancellor, which authorized the Chancellor to appoint a Vice Chancellor to break ties in Senate voting and act as Chancellor whenever the incumbent is unable to do so.

This law was introduced in order to deal with a tie in the voting on Act VIII: Federal Action Against Squatters, though it was resolved after the squatter was simply outlawed after a failed military intervention called Operation: Take Out The Trash.


The Chancellor

The Chancellor is an elected position (except for during the Ehlsson administration) that acts as the head of the federal government and chair of the Senate. As of the ratification of Act IX: Creation of the Vice Chancellor, the Chancellor is authorized to appoint a Vice Chancellor to be their chief advisor and successor who has no Senate vote but can break ties in the Senate. So far, no Vice Chancellor has been appointed.

The Senate of Borea

The Senate of Borea is the legislative body of the Republic. Members of the Senate are the leaders of the different Regions within the nation, and may be appointed to ministerial positions. For example, senator Tiberius Jakivus III is Minister of Defense and Commander-in-Chief of the Republic Armed Forces.

The Senate votes on new laws and is a place for Senators to discuss policy and make decisions for the nation.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is a public forum where citizens can discuss anything, as well as requesting government assistance.


The Republic of Sundorboren currently consists of nine individual townships.

List of towns and their leaders
Town Name Leader Title Leader Name Population Culture Size Rating
Kupfer Keep God-Emperor Sativaz (also current Chancellor) 30 Gnomish Metropolis (Capitol)
Aakhan Kanslar (Rhumish for Chancellor) Theuderik Ehlsonn (former Chancellor) 42 Goutihc Metropolis
Cathalos Lord Westerian 27 Borean Metropolis
Kylindor Mayor Alexander 7 Kylindorian Village
Second Duchy of Tiberia Duke of Tiberia Tiberius Jakivus III 5 Tiberian Hamlet
Rosehalle Burggraf Regen Rosehalle 9 Rosehalle Town
Hsin-Yao Hermit RosieEuphoria 2 Unknown Settlement
Solmorra Chief Kelbysoul 4 Unknown Hamlet
Dulkun Khorro Chieftan TomPonk 3 Orc Settlement




Act I: Structure of the Gov.

Act I: Structure of the Gov. was the first piece of legislation passed by the new Realm of Sundorboren, with the Council of Borea voting on either becoming a Constitutional Republic, with elections every two years (as per the Crops' Calendar) or a Constitutional Monarchy with an appointed King and some democratic institutions.

The vote ended with a tie.

Act II: The Republican Compromise

Act II: The Republican Compromise was a way to settle the tie, creating a parliamentary monarchy with the Council becoming the Senate, with an elected Chancellor chairing it and a King of Aelfscyn, with the title of King of Borea, being the overall leader of the nation.

It was passed in a complete majority, with all five members of the Senate voting in favor.

Act III: The Constitution of Sundorboren

Act III: The Constitution of Sundorboren was, as the name suggests, a vote to approve the Rights of the People, the constitution of Sundorboren.

It was passed, with 4 of the 5 members of Senate voting in favor, with the only member who did not vote in favor not even voting at all.

Act IV: Regions of Sundorboren

Act IV: Regions of Sundorboren split the nation into three official administrative regions.

It was passed in a complete majority, though would be amended multiple times and was eventually made null and void.

Act V: War with Lumqir and Dreadfort

After a terrorist attack by criminals from Lumqir, Chancellor Ehlsonn was wounded and left deformed, leading to him calling for a vote to declare war on Lumqir and Dreadfort.

The declaration was approved and war was declared.

Act VI: Constitution Ammendment

Act VI: Constitution Ammendment ended the federal monarchy and handed the King of Borea's power over to the Senate.

The vote ended with all members of Senate but one voting in favor and a new system of government was ratified.

Act VII: War against Dreadfort

Act VII: War against Dreadfort formalized the declaration of a second war with the bandit-town of Dreadfort, which continued raids on Sundorboren's trade routes long after Lumqir's surrender.

The vote ended with all six members of the Senate voting and favor and war being declared.

Act VIII: Federal Action Against Squatters

Act VIII: Federal Action Against Squatters attempted to address the major squatting issue in Kylindor by allowing the Senate to vote on either doing nothing, removing the squatter, or forming a new law or organization to deal with squatters.

The vote ended with a tie between immediate removal and creating a new way to deal with all squatters, though it was eventually decided after the failure of Operation: Take Out The Trash to simply outlaw the squatter.

Act IX: Creation of the Office of the Vice Chancellor

Act IX: Creation of the Office of the Vice Chancellor was an attempt at settling the tie in the voting for Act VIII: Federal Action Against Squatters by creating a government position called the Vice Chancellor appointed by the Chancellor who acts as a tiebreaker and head advisor to the Chancellor in bureaucratic affairs, though cannot vote in Senate.

The Act passed and the office of the Vice Chancellor was created, though none has been appointed yet.