King Zeneth The Unifier

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King Zeneth The Unifier is the current monarch of The Empire of Styvaria, Lord of Central Styvaria, and Unifier of Central Adelaa'r. He currently lives in the Royal Manor in the Styvarian Capital. Known for his relentless industriousness, cunning diplomacy, appreciation of nature, and fear of spiders.

The Unifier
TitleKing Zeneth The Unifier, Emperor Of Styvaria, Lord of Central Styvaria


5’10, medium build. bulky, scruffy, medium length beard with longish hair, think of Aragorn hair but with that hobo beard Brad Pitt had briefly.

Piercings including: right nostril, septum, left eyebrow, various spots in both ears

Heavily culturally tattoo’d, notable ones being the rose symbol on the right side of chest and ox head tattoo on back

Often seen wearing light leather/chainmail armour with a fur overcoat, donning a silver crown with rubies and small vines decorating it.


The lands north of Cathalos in the Adelaa'r mountain basin have long been traded between nations, but never has a civilization taken a solid hold of the region. Both the Drakedom of Drachenland and its later occupier, the Kingdom of Adelaar, have claimed these mountains and the territory of the Deichtibier (which Styvaria currently occupies), but no one has been truly successful in this endeavor. Never until now.

Rising from the tribes living on the river banks of central-eastern Adelaa'r, Zeneth sought to forge his own destiny, and stabilize the region he called home. He led his people to a spot to permanently settle, a river peninsula untouched by previous rulers. There they worked tirelessly day and night to define their architecture, gather resources, and bide their strength.

In his exploration of the region, Zeneth found an abandoned port, also traded between nations throughout history. He claimed it as Styvarian, solidifying their access to the ocean.

Zeneth knew that if he was to bring Styvaria into the world stage, he needed more wealth, to fund a nation. He turned the focus of Styvaria’s never-tiring labourers to stockpiling natural resources, and started traveling. In his travels he met a representative of Dracheburc, Tim the Architect. They agreed on a highway between the old city and Styvaria. He met Duchess Tresa of Leithlis, and they agreed on a lucrative resource deal. He also visited Batiste in Welewa, gifting the Museum curator an authentic Styvarian Rose, renowned for its beautiful deep red colour.

With these diplomatic developments, King Zeneth had led Styvaria to become relevant on the political map, and a foundation was set for a new power in the continent of Adelaa'r.