Torlinn Sanuri

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Torlinn Sanuri
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CitizenshipBriarthorn Harbour

Formally known as “Lord Torlinn of Briarthorn”

Torlinn Sanuri is a human male, letting himself be known since the nineth year of winter, on day 191.


Torlinn is ~5'9" in height, he wears a sweater-like red coat, blue trousers, and redstone coated battle armor on his off days. When attending special events, he wears the redstone armor as a sign of respect in his eyes.


Early Life

Torlinn was born in an unknown town, long since forgotten, and was an orphan since he was 5. He seemed to be the only survivor of a city fire, where either everyone died to the flames, heat, or smoke. Torlinn knew how to walk and gather berries, so he lived off of those for a while, running away from monsters and other people since he didn’t want to be found. A couple of years pass, and Torlinn turns nineteen. He decides to leave the place he’s been living at for so long.

The Journey to Civilization

Torlinn ventures out into the wild, in an attempt to find civilization. Alathran monsters soon come out, running after him. Torlinn manages to escape by running as fast as he can away from the mobs. After running for a while, he finds that he is lost and cannot return to his home, so he must keep venturing out.

Torlinn passes by some towns, some bigger than others, and all of them are abandoned. He later comes across another town, which has a path to a town he’s seen advertising for, so he heads over to that town…

Soon, he finally sees the town in the distance. He sprints for the border, hoping they would let him in, and they do. He finds himself in a bustling area full of happiness and culture.

Nation Acquaintance

He comes across King Zeneth, after looking around for a town to live in for a while. “I don’t suppose you’d want to live in our nation. We’re getting started on our empire, we’re calling it Styvaria.” Zeneth says. Torlinn nods, he isn’t used to talking with other people. He travels with the king to a continent dubbed Adelaa’r, and goes to the center of the continent, to a town surrounded by mountains, he notices a missing poster for someone who looked important on one of the trees.

They enter Styvaria from the south side, there isn’t much built, but there were plans on making more buildings, including Torlinn’s house (which has since been replaced with a general store). He gets settled in, and starts to gather resources to build his future house.

After gathering stuff and building the house, Torlinn finishes, but then gets an offer to build up a fortress on the southeast part of the nation border.

Fortress Building

Torlinn takes up the role of building and managing a fortress dubbed “Fort Taurus”, landing a “Lord” position within Styvaria.

After building up the fort for a while, and participating in a very tense diplomatic discussion about the land that Taurus stands on, Torlinn was moved to a different land, called Briarthorn Harbour. The town was in a state of slight disrepair, but Torlinn was confident he could make the land renewed, and began building the town up.

After building the town up for what felt like 7 days to him, he applies for a port license to travel to lands far away, and gets accepted. Now is his time to go to lands unknown and make history, but he isn’t there yet.

Witnessing History

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Close Call

Torlinn received a letter in his mailbox, it reads: “Styvaria is Going to War”

Reading through the letter, he notices that he was going to be mercenaries for Idrolia, a nation being attacked by another nation called Suikoku, a “melon” nation full of “melon people”. After hearing the reason of why the war has occurred, he was determined to bring glory to Styvaria and win the war.

However, the war was called off the same day that Torlinn announced that Briarthorn was joining the war. “Damn, I really wanted to slice melon heads” Torlinn ponders to himself after hearing the sad news.



Through creation of Fort Taurus, Torlinn was given the title “Lord” by King Zeneth as he had now owned a portion of land in their nation. Although later was transferred to Briarthorn Harbour to become a mayor, however keeping the rank of Lord.


Owning and managing Briarthorn Harbour, as well as building it up earns Torlinn this role. The role includes being the main taxpayer of the town, as well as a taxpayer to the nation, since 99.9% of taxes come from the mayor, as the city is a no-tax town.