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Chiefdom of Idrolia
Coat of arms
Motto: Of Land And Of Sea
Location of Idrolia
Largest city Oasis
Ethnic groups Axolian, Oasisian, Drakifolk
Religion Axolism
Demonym Idrolian
Government Monarchy (Chiefdom)
 •  Chief Rim Silverwake (NuclearDonut47)

Idrolia, officially the Chiefdom of Idrolia, is a nation in Omis. The nation has a diverse population, but is primarily home to the Axolians.


Pre-Swiftfin Era

Originally, Humans and Axolians lived in central Idrolia area together. Soon Axolians would out populate the Humans living in the area, and they would develop their own culture independent of most Human influence. The people would grow isolated from humans.

The people of Idrolia would live a tribal lifestyle, until a horde of the undead came and ravaged the town of Axolia. The people attempted to fight back but it was futile, until Axtli the Brave came along. Axtli wielded a trident of great power, and struck the undead with the force of lightning with it. The trident would become known as "Axolia's Defender". He was able to drive the undead horde back into the jungle, saving the people of Idrolia. He would then lead Idrolia as the first chief. Believing that the outside world was infected with the undead virus, they restricted themselves to Lake Idrol and the surrounding areas, starting a rule of Isolationism for 1000 years.

Swiftfin Era (46 BC - 1 AC)

Aquil Swiftfin was the Chief of the Idrolian Chiefdom from 46 BC to March 19, 1 AC. He was known for being a strong, but controlling leader, one who would influence the future greatly. Chief Swiftfin was a hard-line isolationist, and would exile who he saw as a threat to the isolationist ways of the chiefdom.

37 years into the Swiftfin Era, a major political riot was started protesting the isolationist ways of the Chiefdom. Anti-Isolationism had grown popular within the chiefdom due to the doubts of the outside world being as dangerous as they say it was. Swiftfin quickly sent in the Axolian Knights to crush the riot, which did so swiftly. All surviving protesters were sent into permanent exile.

Chief Swiftfin would befriend young Nox Aquasong not long after the riots. Chief Swiftfin would train Aquasong as his apprentice, to become Chief. Nine years later, Swiftfin would pass away and Nox Aquasong would become the new Chief of Idrolia.

Aquasong Era (1 AC - 6 AC)

The new Chief Aquasong was commended by the people of Idrolia, by both Isolationists and Anti-Isolationists, who both believed he would lead the nation into their preferred direction. Aquasong decided to go in a very Anti-Isolationist direction, and ended the isolationist ways of the nation previously. He opened the nation up to free trade and allowed the people of the nation to freely exit and enter the nation.

In May, 1 AC, Nox Aquasong would allow the annexation of primarily non-Axolian towns of Solevant Soros and Azurath. This was controversial in the nation, as many traditional Axolian people wanted to preserve their unique culture without foreign influence.

Later into Aquasong's rule, neighboring nation the Aurinian Imperium collapsed leaving its towns independent. The leader of Pangolias, Lars Haltu, and Aquasong had a meeting following the collapse of the Aurinian Imperium. Lars criticized Aquasong for not aiding Pangolias during the collapse of Aurinia, but Aquasong refused to hear him out. Both men were angry, Lars then swung at Aquasong and punched him in the cheek. Haltu then scurried out of the room and a conflict started in the streets of Axolia between soldiers who came along with Lars Haltu and the Axolia town guard. 2 men from Pangolias and 1 man in the Axolian town guard were killed in the scurry. Lars and his men then retreated back to Pangolias and prepared for Idrolia's arrival. Nox and members of the Axolia town guard got on Aquasong's personal ship and sailed to Solevant Soros where they would pick up Cyrex Blightreef and attack Pangolias. The men arrived at the town and demanded that Haltu open the gates, who did so realizing there was nothing he could do to escape Idrolia's might. The men killed Lars Haltu and incorporated Pangolias into the nation, and instated a new mayor by the name of Grad.

Aquasong's rule, though, would come to an abrupt end. In August, 6 AC Aquasong would board his personal ship on his way to a meeting in Aprela. On this trip they would encounter stormy weather, which led to the ship crashing. Everyone aboard, including Chief Aquasong would lose their life. The Chief's trident upon his death would be sent to who was chosen to be the next Chief of Idrolia, which became the at the time Mayor of Piscis, Khimrie Bronzefin.

Bronzefin Era (6 AC - 11 AC)

Khimrie Bronzefin, a peaceful and pacifist ruler, would focus on expanding the nation in a few ways. The overall land area and population of the nation, the nation's economy and trade, and the nation's infrastructure. The nation would expand to once again include where Azurath sat in the newly reclaimed Oasis. The nation would also annex the short-lived town of Mahogany north of Spring Shore. The rest of the island of Solevant would be annexed aswell, with New Soleil being built on the northern section of the island a few years later the fact.

On the 30th Month of 11 AC, the nation of Suikoku declared war on Idrolia. The Melon War, as it was dubbed, would come to a swift end though. The nation's head advisors and leaders met in Aesis and came to an agreement in February 4th, 12 AC, known as the Aesis Agreement. The war ended in a white peace with no blood drawn.

Chief Bronzefin's rule would come to an end when a higher deity would mysteriously abduct the chief, leaving advisor Rimulus Silverwake as her successor.

Silverwake Era (11 AC - present)


Idrolia's landmass starts at the South-Western tip of Omis and extends far across the entire continent. Oasis lies at the south western deserted part of the nation, as you go northwards it becomes more tropical and forested. The towns of Axolia, Spring Shore, and Glistrea exist in the thick rainforests in Idrolia. Axolia lies on the eastern coast of lake Idrol toward the center of the nation. Spring Shore surrounds the spring lake just east of Axolia. North East of Spring Shore lies Glistrea on the intersection of 2 rivers. North of Axolia is the tropical coastal town of Piscis which is used as a jumping off point for long trips from the nation. North of Piscis lies the Island of Solevant, a temperate plains island. On southern part of the island is the town of Solevant Soros, and on the northern part is the duchy of New Soleil, a duchy within the town of Solevant Soros.


Settlement Population Culture Notes
Axolia 14 Axolian Nation Capital
Spring Shore 2 Axolian Trade Center!
Piscis 7 Axolian Sea Port, Includes Mahogany
Oasis 54 Oasisian Desert City, Formally Azurath
Solevant Soros 17 Drakfolk Plains City, Includes the Duchy of New Soleil
Glistrea 1 Axolian River City

Total Population: 100