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The Chiefdom of Idrolia
Coat of arms
Motto: De Marris Et De Terra
Ethnic groups Axolian
Religion Axolism
Demonym Idrolian
Government Chiefdom
 •  Chief Nox Aquasong (NoxxNoxxy)

The Chiefdom of Idrolia is a nation on the south-eastern continent. The nation is home to the Axolians.


Pre-Swiftfin Era

Originally, Humans and Axolians lived in the area together. Soon Axolians would out populate the Humans living in the area, and they would develop their own culture independent of most Human influence. The people would grow isolated from humans.

The people of Idrolia would live a tribal lifestyle, until a horde of the undead came and ravaged the town of Axolia. The people attempted to fight back but it was futile, until Axtli the Brave came along. Axtli wielded a trident of great power, and struck the undead with the force of lightning with it. The trident would become known as "Axolia's Defender". He was able to drive the undead horde back into the jungle, saving the people of Idrolia. He would then lead Idrolia as the first chief. Believing that the outside world was infected with the undead virus, they restricted themselves to Lake Idrolia and the surrounding areas, starting a rule of Isolationism for 1000 years.

Swiftfin Era (Year -46 - Year 0)

Aquil Swiftfin was the Chief of the Idrolian Chiefdom from common year -46 to year 0. He was known for being a strong, but controlling leader, one who would influence the future greatly. Chief Swiftfin was a hard-line isolationist, and would exile who he saw as a threat to the isolationist ways of the chiefdom.

37 years into the Swiftfin Era, a major political riot was started protesting the isolationist ways of the Chiefdom. Anti-Isolationism had grown popular within the chiefdom due to the doubts of the outside world being as dangerous as they say it was. Swiftfin quickly sent in the Axolian Knights to crush the riot, which did so swiftly. All surviving protesters were sent into permanent exile.

Chief Swiftfin would befriend young Nox Aquasong not long after the riots. Chief Swiftfin would train Aquasong as his apprentice, to become Chief. Nine years later, Swiftfin would pass away and Nox Aquasong would become the new Chief of Idrolia.

Aquasong Era (Year 0 - )

The new Chief Aquasong was commended by the people of Idrolia, by both Isolationists and Anti-Isolationists, who both believed he would lead the nation into their preferred direction.