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Axolians are a race of Axolotls with human like characteristics. They possess intelligence and a human-like shape with two arms and two legs, but Axolotl like skin, flat tails, and feathery gills that extend from their head. They are capable of living on land and water at equal ease, and can regenerate very efficiently, even able to regrow entire limbs when needed.


Axolians developed in the caves surrounding Lake Idrol before climbing to land and developing society. Originally they were simple hunter gatherers, that would use spears to hunt fish and sometimes larger land animals. Axolians would also interact and trade with the nearby human settlements in the area. Eventually, they would develop agriculture, growing Potatoes and Beets, this caused most of the Axolian population to move out from the caves and water on more onto land as that is where most of the food came from.

Soon, the settlement of Axolia would be founded on an island on Lake Idrol. The population of the settlement would grow, and Axolians would soon out-populate the humans in the area. Humans would slowly disappear from the area and Axolians would be left alone isolated in the area with the only remaining trace of humans being the infected undead beings. The Axolians would remain peaceful farmers and fishers for decades, until the horde of the undead attacked. A horde of undead beings invaded Lake Idrol and the town of Axolia, causing mass chaos and death. The people were defenseless, until Axtili the Great came and smited the undead with his powerful trident. He would be dubbed the first Chief of Idrolia. He would proclaim the Axolian people to be Isolated forever, and the state of Idrolia would be founded. (See Idrolia page for further history about the nation)


Social Structure

Axolians have a very loose family structure and typically see and treat everyone in their community as close family. Because of this Polygamy is common among Axolian communities and is not looked down on. Axolians have a two-part last name structure that also accommodates for this. Axolians last name made up of two words, when an Axolian is born the first part is taken from the mother, and the second part is taken from the father and combined to make that Axolian's new last name.


Axolian's typically believe in the concept of life, death, and rebirth and the honor of that cycle. They see the 3 as all part of life, and its to be celebrated. Because of this, Axolians are taught to accept death, and not to be upset when someone dies. Funerals in Axolian culture instead celebrate the induvidual of the passed, and how they will return to the world born anew.

Axolians see Axolotls as equal to themselves, but just less intelligent and require protection from their more intelligent counterparts, and many dedicate their lives solely to the protection and care of the Axolotls.

Customs and Traditions

The Axolian's customs and traditions revolve around the species connection to nature, the sea, and their worldview. Every year the Axolians celebrate the "Flames of the Renewal Festival", which is a festival that celebrate the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Every year on July 1st, the Chief of Idrolia lights a bonfire, and the festival begins. The festival lasts as long as the flames do, and the flames are not to be tampered with. The fire represents the cycle of life and death, much like fire, life exists, consumes, dies, and is reborn anew (the flame next year). Because of the festival's length being dependent on the flame, the festival lasts indefinitely and could last anywhere from a day, to a couple weeks. The festival, every year, has a large parade in lake Idrol and the Axolia canals, families and loved ones get together to give gifts and have a feast, things are sold, people do performances, the creation story is told to young children, and more.

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