Lars Haltu

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Lars Haltu
BornAlathra Northern Ice Caps
Resting placeSomewhere under Pangolias
Other namesLars Zadrži
OrganizationPangolias War Council
Known forExploring
TitleGrand Marshal of Pangolias

Lars Haltu was a male Pengoose with white and black fur. He can be seen wearing leather straps and a combat skirt when not in big battles, though when the time is right will wear stronger armor such as iron or chainmail.


Early life

Lars Zadrži, otherwise known as Lars Haltu, was born in a small village on the northern ice caps of Alathra. He was part of a clan named the Ole`k which were a warrior Pengoose clan made up of different tribes that inhabited much of the Northern ice caps. At the age of 12, Lars lost his tribe and parents who were found dead after being slaughtered by humans who mistook the Pengeese for puffins and wanted to make a good profit off their fur. In a state of panic, much of the clan was killed or separated due to the chaos and so Lars hid until the hunters left.

The Aftermath

Once the event was over Lars came out of hiding and fled his home. He would vow revenge on the hunters who took everything from him and slowly began his dissent of distrust of humans.

New Beginnings

After the death of his people, Lars decided that to ensure his culture and people did not die in vain, he needed a new clan while also upholding his old tribal traditions too, and after some traveling found 2 other wondering warriors named XXX And XXX. The 3 of them would form a clan named the "Pangolias Collective".

Moving In

Lars and his group would move to some jungles in the southeast continent where they would settle their own town: Pangolias.


Lars lived and ran Pangolias as it traded hands a couple times until he died. In late October in year 4 he was executed by Idrolian knights during the invasion of the town after he assaulted the Chief of Idrolia.