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The name Aesis derives from the nearby Aesis river which in turn receives it's name from the native Aes sturgeon. The origin of the fish's name is unclear, but the Aesis has begun to be called such shortly after the arrival of the Aesi, so it might be of early-Aesi origin.


The realm of Aesis lies between two mountains, one to the south and to the north, and two rivers, in the west the Aesis and in the east the Kapok. The area is filled with giant and ancient dark oak trees with a few enormous mushrooms sprinkled around. The castle of Aesis lays near the foot of the southern mountain, near the source of the Aesis.

The current flag of Aesis


Aesi are made up of various species, although it is currently thought of consisting a majority of humans. Their banner is filled by a verdant green and brown which might hint at a close relation to their environment and a crossbow, which might imply skill with such an armanent which is typically employed during castle defense, a castle being Aesis' main construction site at the moment. Although not anything is set in stone, the Aesi feel an innate draw to the Aesis river and liberty, but of the time of this writing, the Aesi are still young and developing their identity.


The Aesi, as of the writing of this article, have no majority religion nor any official religious rituals. There's scattered beliefs about the Aesis which are left to be recorded and a group of missionaries who spread the love of a prophet named "John Actual". The church of light has thus made no attempts to convert the current population between the Aesis and Kapok.


The history of Aesis begins in the year of 10, when the current ruler, Duke Jeroboam, leads his various soldiers into the forested wilderness where they constructed the castle of Aesis.

A scripture survives:

In the twilight of North-Omis, where the ancient dark oaks stood as cover for darkness that lurked within, a possy of Duke Jeroboam's finest Aesi Soldiers ventured forth. Clad in armor that gleamed like moonlit silver, the soldiers moved in a coordinated formation. Their mission, assigned by the wise Duke himself, was to spread light through the heart of the shadowed forest, pushing back the encroaching darkness that threatened the borders of the newly settled encampments.

Led by Servo Telemanus, a seasoned warrior with a mane of grizzled hair and a weathered face, the Aesi Soldiers moved through the damp forest, their chainmail rustling softly with each step. Torchbearers marched at the forefront, their flickering flames casting dancing shadows upon the gnarled roots and moss-covered stones that littered the forest floor.

The darkness clung to the ancient trees like a cloak, and eerie whispers rustled through the leaves overhead. Yet, the Aesi Soldiers pressed on, slashing through the inky abyss with their finely crafted blades. Monsters, drawn to the encampment by the scent of human presence, slinked in the shadows – grotesque creatures with eyes that glowed like embers. But the Aesi Soldiers were undeterred, meeting every foe with blade and bolt.

As they ventured deeper into the heart of the forest, the soldiers discovered an age-old secret: the sap of the ancient oaks possessed a mystical quality. Duke Jeroboam, recognizing the potential, had ordered them to harvest the sap and forge lanterns that burned with an lasting light, capable of banishing the shadows for the foreseeable future.

The Aesi Soldiers set to work, felling the mighty dark-oak trees. Skilled craftsmen among them shaped the wood into sturdy lanterns, adorned with intricate carvings depicting scenes of valor and bravery. These lanterns, once ignited, emitted a radiant glow that dispersed the darkness, revealing the true beauty of the enchanted forest.

To sustain the ever-burning lanterns, workers from the kingdom diligently gathered precious oils from the abundant natural resources surrounding the encampment. Barrels of oil were brought in, ensuring that the flame of hope never wavered in the heart of the darkened woods.

Upon the soldiers returning, Duke Jeroboam appointed Servo Telemanus ( @Bobert  ) as his Baron, entrusting the leadership and loyalty he had shown to Aesis.

Later, the construction and the opportunities attracted faraway travellers as detailed in the following scripture:

The Aesis is a relatively short freshwater river which originates from a mountain range south of the settlement of the same name. It stretches through Omis' dark forest in a northwestern direction and flows into the bay of Florin. The average width of the Aesis is around 50m (blocks). Due to it's location, the Aesis offers various spots in the shade which leads to various species of marine life to dwell there.

Most notably, the Aes, a sturgeon species which the river was named after, host their singular natural spawning ground here. The species is giant for sturgeons and occupies most of the corners in the shade. They are sought after for experienced fishers and a trophy for most. It's scales are a gradient from green to brown, for better camouflage in the river, as bull sharks have been seen to migrate from the bay of Florin to the Aesis for game.

Rhano Rusteye, learned executioner and angler, decided therefore to seize the opportunity and live next to the Aesis with land granted by Duke Jeroboam, leaving Mistpeak. From this day on, the castle of Aesis has secured itself a steady income of food from the resilient Rusteye.