Tiberius Jakivus III

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Head of the House of Tiberia
Tiberius Jakivus III
Personal information
BornZenaadt Raskiluus Welhulme
NationalitySouth Arkitusian
EducationSouth Arkitusian Naval Academy
OccupationMilitary officer
OrganizationSouth Arkitusian Navy, His Excellency the Lord Protector's House Fusilier Guards, Drachen Imperial Navy, Tiberian Militia, Styvarian Royal Navy, Styvarian Expeditionary Force, Commonwealth Navy, Texasian Armed Forces, Id'eskanan Imperial Navy
Height6 ft 7 in (201 cm)
AwardsOrder of St. Tiberius, House Fusilier Guards Cross of Merit, War Service Medal
Family info
SpouseIda Frihdrehck
( – 5 AC)
ChildrenTiberius Jakivus IV (deceased in 2 AC)
ParentsÆlizabaadte Maariya Taamsuun
Leopaulde Zenaadte Welhulme

Lord Tiberius Jakivus Frederick-William, known also as Tiberius Jakivus III, is the first and current Head & Lord Protector of the House of Tiberia.


Tiberius can often be found wearing the uniform of the Tiberian militia forces back during the days when he was a Duke in the Drakedom of Drachenland. He has a well-trimmed brown mustache, complimented by his well-combed brown hair. He has well-defined cheekbones and can often be found with a face of pompous superiority becoming of a noble such as himself (for reference on his appearance, see Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany). He classifies himself as a "big game hunter", but is actually very bad at hunting. He is also very intelligent, and enjoys studying history and military strategy. During his time trapped in the Nether, he used his cunning to convince the evil creatures of that realm to bring him one book every week, which he used to pass the time to avoid slipping into madness. However, they eventually took away this privilege, and he went crazy. Some of this eccentricity remains, evidenced by his peculiar habit of running around in circles for no reason in the middle of walking.


The painting shown in the infobox is him in a naval uniform instead of his Tiberian Militia uniform.



He was born Zenaadt Raskiluus Welhulme, which roughly translates into common Alathran as "Zeneth Rascilus William". However, eventually had his name changed to Tibier Jaakehns Welhulme, which roughly translates as Tiberius Jakivus William, after discovering that he was a descendant of St. Tiberius on his mother's side. He is thus sometimes called Tiberius Jakivus III. After marrying his true love, Ida Frihdrehck, they hyphenated their last name to "Frihdrehck-Welhulme", or "Frederick-William". I would also like to mention his now-dead son. His name was Raskiluus Tibier Jaakehns Frihdrech-Welhulme, but was often referred to as Tiberius Jakivus IV, despite his name translating as Rascilus Tiberius Jakivus Frederick-William.

Early Life in Jhai

Tiberius was born in a nice house in Jhai. He played endlessly with the other boys on his street, two of whom would one day be Consul, and he always enjoyed coming home from some sort of game and being greeted by one of his mother's pies. However, the family's farmhand, Jaan, died on a hunting trip with Tiberius's father, Leopaulde (often translated as Leopold), and so a twelve-year-old Tiberius would pick up the slack. He became quite good at farming, and whenever he was not working in the wheat fields, he could be found reading about history.

Early Military Career

When he was about 17, his father, a high-ranking navy officer, sent Tiberius to the South Arkitusian Naval Academy. He graduated as an Ensign, and quickly rose the ranks, eventually becoming a Captain. However, around this time, his mother, Ælizabaadte (often translated as Elizabeth or Bethany), died. He mourned her for a long time, but eventually found solace when he married the love of his life, Ida Frihdrehck. They had one son, Raskiluus, whom he loved dearly and whom he taught everything there is to know about history, the military, and farming. However, when Raskiluus was just five years old, he died. Tiberius, despite having recently been promoted to Admiral, was heartbroken, and he went into a deep depression. His two old friends, the Consuls, grew inactive, so Tiberius became the de facto leader of South Arkitus.

Time as Duke of Tiberia

He was soon given the opportunity to travel to the continent of Adelaa'r and start a new state that would be under Dracheburc. He and his wife sailed to the continent and found a small, abandoned city, where they formed the Duchy of New Jhai. The Duchy found a few new citizens and eventually changed its name to Tiberia. Soon after, however, it united with Dracheburc to form the Drakedom of Drachenland.


One day, while Tiberius was on a nice stroll in the Tiberian port, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and fell unconscious. When he woke up, he was in the Nether. For nine years, the Nether-creatures tortured him and told him secrets so evil and ancient that his mind could barely handle them. For a few years of captivity, he was aloud to read books, which kept him from going insane, but eventually he really did go crazy. After he was set free, his beard and hair sagged to the floor and his blue Drachen Imperial Navy uniform was tattered, and so he shaved and now dons a nice mustache and bushy hair as opposed to his former beard and purposefully-bald head. He had been aged so much in the Nether that his orange hair had turned brownish-red. He soon learned that his wife had died while he was in captivity.

Time in Styvaria

In the ruins of Tiberia stood the Styvarian province of Briarthorn. He was allowed by the Lord of Briarthorn, Torlinn Sanuri, to retain his old titles and live in the province, but to stay subservient to Torlinn. He soon joined the Styvarian Royal Navy and Styvarian Expeditionary Force and became a close advisor to King Zeneth The Unifier.

Time as Vice President of Texasia

Seeing an opportunity to form a republic in the Prsata desert, he and a man from Nullhi City named Omyam formed the Republic of Texasia, with Tiberius becoming both the Vice President and commander of the Texasian Army. However, during the Traitor Valley War, he was forced by his enemies to commit treason, which inadvertently led to the violence and chaos that the war currently inflicts on the world.


Finding himself homeless and wanted by three Prsatan states, Tiberius fled to Id'Eskana, as he was friends with Jeroboam, the Id'Eskanan Emperor, where he lives today.

Military Career

Medals, Awards, Decorations and Honors
Award Type of Award Organization Reason for Awarding
Order of St. Tiberius Chivalric Order of Knighthood House of Tiberia Heading the House during its inception
Commander's Aguillette Insignia Decoration House Fusilier Guards Promotion to Fusilier-Marshal
House Fusilier Guards Cross of Merit Military Medal House Fusilier Guards Forming the Guards
War Service Medal x2 Military Medal House Fusilier Guards Service in the Defense of Perithia and Traitor Valley War
Military Ranks
Rank Name Nation/Political Entity Organization Current Status
Admiral Consulate of South Arkitus Jhaian Navy Defunct
Militia General Drakedom of Drachenland Tiberian Militia Defunct
Fleet Commander Drakedom of Drachenland Drachen Imperial Navy Defunct
Commandant Empire of Styvaria Royal Navy Defunct
First Lieutenant Empire of Styvaria Styvarian Expeditionary Force Defunct
Captain Commonwealth of Adelaar Commonwealth Navy Former
Fusilier-Marshal House of Tiberia His Excellency the Lord Protector's House Fusilier Guards Current


Full List of Titles

List of Titles
Title Nation/Political Entity Type of Position Current Status
De Facto Military Dictator of Jhai Consulate of South Arkitus De Facto Unelected Head of Government Defunct
Duke of the Duchy of Tiberia Drakedom of Drachenland Hereditary Regional Monarch Defunct
Duke of the Tiberian Region Empire of Styvaria, Commonwealth of Adelaar Honorary Hereditary Title Former
Vice President Republic of Texasia Appointed Co-Head of Government Defunct
Head of the House House of Tiberia Hereditary Noble Defunct
Lord Protector of the House House of Tiberia Hereditary Noble Current