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"Are you sure you want to be a town leader?"

Those words broke me. But it also inspired me; made me the man I am today. I must thank Drake Vormaug, may he rest in peace, for having such little faith in me. It allowed me to become a greater leader then he was. While I am a low-ranking Briarthorn noble and he was the emperor of all of northern Adelaa'r, it must be observed that I am still alive, and he is not. While this is most likely dumb luck; if I wasn't in the Nether at the time I probably would have been executed as well; it is still good to note that my youthful stupidity and arrogance is the reason I am alive today. While it may seem contradictory to common sense, I find that all good things are. Now, let me tell you a tale of woes and cheers, of love and loss, of kings and emperors, of peace...and war.

But look no further upon this largely-unobserved plain; find yourself looking at the page itself, where my story is laid bare. Look into it, dear historian, and find that something that you can use. For I was once an average man in a poor city in a forgotten land; it is by my political acumen and general smarts that I have come to be so successful. So, read this and find not an old fool's autobiography, but a guide to riches, success, and power. Yet I warn thee, find within yourself the unmatched courage that it takes to care not only for yourself for your others, for pride, selfishness, and greed only leads to downfall. Trust my words, and remember, The Rose Blossoms, ad it always shall.