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Id'eskana, officially the Empire of Id'eskana (Tiberian: Kajzerriche vaan Aaksoliaansriche-Ayysckaanansriche), is currently the largest nation on the server, with over 200 active players making up its population. It is a union between the Sdarianige of Æskana and Chiefdom of Idrolia, and occupies almost the entirety of the continent of Omis.

Empire of Id'eskana
Coat-of-Arms of the Chiefdom of IdroliaBanner of the Sdarianage of Æskana
Motto: Vivat Id'eskana!
Largest city Oasis
Ethnic groups Oasisian (40%), Axolian (17%), Drekifolk (9%), Sdarnige (8%), Aesian (7%), Djish (2%), Other (17%)
Demonym Id'eskanan
Government Government still being formed and debated
 •  Monarch Aurelia Celestide
 •  census 230 (as of April 8th, 14 A.C.)



Town Name Leader Title leader Name Population
Imperial Capitol of Aesis Empress Aurelia Celestide 27
Oasis Brotherhood Brother superhero1000 83
Magistracy of Florin Magistrate Citrusburn Aewyn 16
Imperial Raoh Imperial Kylezs 13
DJ Masterdom of DJopolis DJ Master DJMajd 5
Magistracy of Axolia Magistrate Nexier 29
Earldom of Flumenia Earl CoolGummyBear I 16
AG Wyvern Claw Hermitage Hermit CreatingWithKass 2
Sunstone Bay Hermitage Hermit NoctunralDaedra 2
Armer Bank Hermitage Hermit ROOT_TOOT 1
Shiro Settlement Wealthy Kumki 1
Castellanate of Kjorin Castellan poke9dude 1
Glistrea Settlement Hermit TiedDesert54821 1
Duchy of Solevant Soros Duke Crimson I Avalon 21
Magistracy of Piscis Magistrate _Vobi 9
Oceanus Settlement Hermit Oceanum__ 2

Flag Proposals

Proposal By Tiberius Jakivus III

The Empire does not yet have an official flag, with the heraldry that already existed in the different regions pre-unification being used until an imperial flag can be decided upon. A common consensus has been reached that the flag should be a tricolor including white, purple, and green should be used, but the pattern of the tricolor and whether or not some sort of seal or coat-of-arms should be designed for use on the flag has not been fully decided upon. Multiple proposals have been made, such as the design to the right. This was not designed by Tiberius Jakivus, but instead by a resident of the city of Aesis, with him seeing it hanging from one of the beautiful manors of the street he lives on. He had wanted to add some sort of seal including axolotls in order to further the inclusivity and feeling of unity the flag should create, but was unable to due to lack of resources. All other proposals are visible on the nation's Discord, which Tiberius did not have easy access to, however you are welcome to check them out.