Sdarianige of Æskana

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The Sdarianige of Æskana
Sdarrujøfiøhun od Æskana
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: "Ave Æskana" (unofficial)
and largest city
Official languages Æskanian
Religion Church of Light
Demonym Æskanian
Government Absolute Constitutional Monarchy
 •  Domina Roze Aewyn
 •  Sdar Citrusburn Aewyn
 •  census 35
Æskana, officially the Sdarianige of Æskana (Æskanian: Sdarrujøfiøhun od Æskana) is a nation in the continent of Omis. It's ruled by Roze Aewyn as the Domina. The capital of Æskana is Florin, located on the west side of the country.