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Emperor of Id'eskana
Born12 BC
OccupationSovereign of Aeskana
TitleEmperor of Id'eskana, Domina of Æskana, Liberator of Omis
HonoursKnight's Cross of the Order of St. Tiberius (A chivalric order of the House of Tiberia, awarded to him by Tiberius Jakivus III


As early as Jeroboam could recall, he lived within the thick jungle forests of Omis. For years he called the jungles his home, living alongside his mother and father in a cavern. The caverns entrance was discretely covered with brush and unknown to most if not all.

Jeroboam did not understand the isolation his family lived within, until he overheard his mother whispering of his fathers exile. He learned that his father was in a state of exile from an unknown land, for crimes he never uncovered, and that his mother had followed his father in to the jungles where he was conceived.

Jeroboams parents taught him many things. The flames of the campfire often illuminating his mothers soft countenance as she sounded out vowels and words in the mornings. His fathers scruffy visage would be shielded by the dark of night when they went out to hunt for food in the evenings. Jeroboam had grown attuned to the ways of the wilderness, though one day, everything would change.

Jeroboam had become accustomed to hunting alone, eventually. He would often use hunting time as an excuse to sneak to distant settlements, where he would return with metal equipment he would otherwise not have access to. On one fateful eve, after an eight hour trip, he returned from the wilderness. He carried two rabbits, strung by their necks. As he pushed past the brush and reached the entrance of the cavern he called home, he smelled a rich aroma of iron in the air.

Jeroboam had discovered his slaughtered family, within the cave. His mother was no where to be seen, though shredded remnants of her leather clothes could be seen. His father laid with his back against the stone wall, though there was no life in his eyes. The majority of his flesh had been consumed from his body, it seemed they had been eaten.

It was unsure the perpetrator, though Jeroboam assumed it to be wolves. It was possible, though likely that some other sort of foul beast had discovered their den within the dense and remote area of the jungle.

Arrival in Florin

From that day, Jeroboam ran from the cave. He did not have the strength to give his father a burial, he was shattered mentally. He ran north, tripping through the protruding roots of thick jungle trees, swimming through the infested creeks, until he found an opening.

He found a pasture, surrounded by thick dark oak trees, like giants safeguarding it. As he stumbled towards the center of the pasture, the tall grass consumed him. As his sight weakened, he trips and rolls in to a divot within the pasture. As Jeroboams hands pushed himself upright, he realizes he has fallen in to a nest. Next to him is a dead body, and a large black egg. Frightened, he placed a palm against the egg, as he does so an otherworldly feeling of intrigue fills his body. A fascination with his new discovery.

Forming the Duchy

Weeks passed, the pasture now harbored his campsite, built around the nest. Some time after, scouts from the city of Florin located him.

He was in their territory, he had to think of a reason. He proclaimed he wished to join their nation, to build a prosperous city in the pasture. All whilst concealing his discovery of the egg. They agreed to allow him to create a Duchy within the Sdarianige of Æskana.

Dominaship and Formation of the Empire

Soon, he was able to use his political influence as a powerful Duke to become Domina, or Emperor, of Æskana. During his time as Domina, he negotiated many deals with the Chiefdom of Idrolia to annex multiple regions of the Chiefdom, and eventually negotiated a full union between Æskana and Idrolia: The Empire of Id'eskana! He was soon crowned Emperor of Omis, and is today a great and wise ruler of the greater continent.