Duchy of Tiberia

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The Drachen Imperial Duchy of the Tiberians, usually referred to as the Duchy of Tiberia, was a Drachen state on the Deichtibier Peninsula.

Drachen Imperial Duchy of the Tiberians
Banner Coat of arms
Demonym Tiberian
Government Vassal Monarchy
 •  Drake of Drachenland Vormaug I
 •  Duke Tiberius Jakivus



The Duchy was a part of the Drakedom of Drachenland, and thus its supreme political head was the Drake of Drachenland, Vormaug I.

Ducal Government

The Duchy, just like all other Drachen Imperial Duchies, was led by a Duke. Tiberia only had one Duke, Tiberius Jakivus III, though did hav limited bureaucracy, such as an agricultural ministry and a small council of advisors.

All executive power was vested in the Duke, as well as his family, the House of Tiberia.


The Duchy was defended by the Tiberian Militia, of which Duke Tiberius was the commander. There were two branches: the Navalkorpz and the Armykorpz.

"For The Duke" (State Anthem)