The Defense of Perithia

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A Call To Arms

In 11 AC, the nations of the world were given a warning that a massive army of monsters and raiders, led by two giants, were headed for the city of Perithia in the nation of Peraselle. Many nations began to mobilize their armies and many warriors prepared their arms, and soon many soldiers and adventurers from all over Alathra began marching toward Perithia.

The Horde Approaches

Soon, the soldiers arrived in Perithia. Multiple scouting parties found that the evil army was close approaching. The defenders prepared their weapons and gear and prayed to the heavens that they would survive the coming battle.

The Fight Begins

The army soon arrived and broke through the initial defenses of the city, but the defenders easily destroyed the first few waves of attackers. Tiberius Jakivus III, a Styvarian nobleman and military commander who fought alongside his friend, Lord Torlinn of Briarthorn, took down many enemies, but was eventually overwhelmed by a massive collection of dozens of zombies, who all ate him all at once, as he screamed to his comrades, "Remember me...". This inspired his comrades to fight even harder.

The City Center Falls

The raiders broke through the line of defenders and took control of the city center, destroying and pillaging as they went. As all hope seemed lost, the first meteorites seen in many years crashed all around Alathra, especially in the area of Perithia. As these meteors crashed down, creating craters and killing the approaching enemy legions, the defenders were emboldens and engaged in an almost suicidal charge on the city center.

Sacrifice And Victory

The defenders, led by Torlinn, successfully broke through the massive waves of enemies and retook the city, slaying the two giants in the process. However...the defenders suffered major losses and the city was greatly effected by the battle.