The Two Jhais

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The Namoic Wars

The Tiberian Colonies

When the archaeological expeditions to Arkitus began, a group of settlers from Guldhir founded a colony called Cape Marion in Southeast Arkitus, a port touching the Ikarellian Sea. Many more colonies were founded nearby. Three of these colonies (Nameel, Gardivia, and Ft. Tiberius) united as the Tiberian Colonies and declared Tiberius Jakivus, now canonized as a Purificationist saint, Governor. St. Tiberius was a good leader and was married to the commander of the colonial soldiers, General Elizabeth Avery.

The J'Hai Pirates

The Namoic Tribes were the natives of Arkitus and were a confederation of tribes. The tribe that ruled the Nameelian Peninsula, where Jhai and the ruins of Nameel stand today, were the J'Hai Pirates. They raided all colonies on the Arkitusian coastline, and even the other tribes despised them. The Tiberians committed genocide against the Namoics during the First and Second Wars for Gardivia. Eventually, the Colonies were forced to ally with the Namoics, but the pirates, who knew that an alliance would massively lower the amount of treasure they could plunder.

The Battle of Ft. Tiberius

The J'Hais and the Tiberian Colonies were at odds, but tried to be peaceful, as the treaties with the Namoics stipulated. But the J'Hai leader wanted blood and sieged Ft. Tiberius, the colony where St. Tiberius's offices were, and the Governor had to call upon the help of their Namoic allies. The resulting Battle of Ft. Tiberius was a Tiberian victory, but out of respect for a J'Hai pirate who defected to Tiberia during the battle, St. Tiberius renamed the fortress "Jhai".

The Consulate of South Arkitus

The Jhai family were cousins of the Jakivus family and ruled the Nameelian Peninsula as the Tiberian Empire. The Empire fell to rebels and the royal family had to flee to the capitol city of Jhai. They founded the Earldom of Jhai and ruled there for many years, but one Earl declared him and his Prime Minister, Monsieur De Coder, the two Consuls of South Arkitus. Admiral Tiberius Jakivus III, their commander-in-chief, wrote the constitution and the Consuls' territory was re-named the Consulate of South Arkitus.

The Duchy of New Jhai/Tiberia

The large city-state of Dracheburc funded Admiral Jakivus in a bid to start a better version of Jhai in the Deichtibier region, as the Consuls were poor rulers. The Admiral was declared the Duke of New Jhai, and the cities of Jhai and New Jhai were referred to collectively as "the Two Jhais". New Jhai soon changed its name to Tiberia. Soon after the name change, Tiberia and a few other city-states united under Dracheburc as the Drakedom of Drachenland, a massive empire that controlled all territory from Dracheburc to the Deichtibier Peninsula, with the Adelaa'r mountain basin being a contested zone, as many other nations had claims to the region. Soon, however, Tiberia went bankrupt and Jakivus went inactive.

Briarthorn Harbour

When Jakivus logged back on after around 12 in-game years, he realized that the Empire of Styvaria had claimed the Deichtibier and built the city of Briarthorn Harbour on top of it. Jakivus was allowed to live in the city and keep the title of "Duke of the Deichtibier", but not wield any of the power associated with it.