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Purificationism is a near-extinct religion originally from the city of Jhai in the continent of Arkitus but today is only followed by Tiberius Jakivus III.

The Cross of Purity
Tiberius Jakivus, the only known surviving follower
Peuraafikaschiungeluffe (Tiberian)
ScriptureThe Original Holy Texts (lost), the Constitution of South Arkitus (lost), the Book of Purity (currently being written)
FounderHumanist Purificationism: Founder Unknown Modern Orthodox Purificationism: St. Purif
SeparationsThe Cult of Darkness was a possibly-mythical ancient heretical faith that believed that the Unholy Impurity was right when he started the Dark Wars. The Cult was ostracized and in the days leading up to the Second Creation, it was destroyed.
Number of followers1
Other name(s)The Church of Purity, the Jhaian Faith, the Church of South Arkitus, the Tiberian Church, Peuraafikaschiungeluffe, the Faith of the Creator


The Creator

The Purificationist faith is monotheistic, with their only god being the Creator. The Creator has an army of warriors and messengers called Pure Ones, who carry out his bidding. A small group of these Pure Ones rebelled long ago, before time began, and became the Dark Ones, with their leader becoming the Unholy Impurity (a sort of Satan-like figure).

The Creator is a kind and loving deity, only hurting his creations (a.k.a. everything in the whole of both existence and non-existence) when they cause great evil and pain.


Purificationists believe that if you are a good Purificationist who has devoted your life to following the holy texts (whose whereabouts are now unknown) and being a kind, charitable person who despises hatred but is brave enough to fight for good, you will go to a Heaven-like realm called the Purity Eternal when you die. Here, you will exist for in a state of endless joy and happiness until the end times.

However, if you refused the teachings of Purificationism, you will be sent to the Nether and be cursed to a life as one of the unholy creatures lurking there, serving as a slave to the Unholy Impurity until the end times.


According to Purificationist orthodoxy, the world was created by the Creator after he realized that the Pure Ones were naturally pure and good and subservient, and that true love, affection, and kindness can only come from a being that has true freewill. So, he created the creatures of the world, and ordained Mankind as his chosen people.

The Dark Wars

A group of Pure Ones became jealous of the Creator's affection for the creatures of Alathra, whom they saw as weak, pathetic, and undeserving of their master's love. Their leader, then known as Proditus, told them that if they killed the Creator and made Proditus the new god, he would make the Alathrans slaves to the Pure Ones and make his most loyal followers kings over the continents of Alathra. They tried to enact their plan, but failed when, in an attempt to recruit more followers, Proditus told Pure Ones who were loyal to the Creator about their evil plot. This led to a conflict in which the loyal Pure Ones fought the vile rebels in a massive, thousand-year-long war. The conflict ended when the Creator used so much of his power in an attempt to end the war, he was reduced to a single glowing orb. However, he has used his power to banish the rebels to Alathra for all eternity, with them turning into wraith-like spirits called Dark Ones and the Unholy Impurity turning into a single, always-burning flame. However, this war had caused so much destruction, that the world of Alathra crumbled and almost fell into oblivion. In order to keep existence from ending, the nine Pure Ones who were left turned into pure creation energy and thrusted themselves into the dying world, creating it anew, with the nine Pure Ones becoming the nine continents and large islands of the new Alathra. Unfortunately, the Dark Ones and their evil master survived by hiding in the Nether when this all happened. They were able to return to Alathra after the Second Creation, but the Unholy Impurity remained in the Nether, still an ever- -burning flame, and was cursed to forever rule the hellish domain.


Purificationists believe that in order to stay right in the eyes of the Creator, you must remain Pure. This means that you follow these rules, called the Laws of Purity, in every aspect of your life:

  1. Follow the texts.
  2. Be kind and generous with what you have, even if you have very little.
  3. Be hard-working.
  4. Be gentle and despise hatred in all forms.
  5. Stay away from unwarranted violence, but fight valiantly and gloriously according to the Purificationist code of honor when necessary
  6. Avoid impure thoughts and desires, such as lust, greed, gluttony, and rudeness.

St. Purif

During the days of the first world, a boy was born named Purif. He never knew his last name, for he was an orphan. He grew up in a Purificationist orphanage and when he became an adult, he became a priest. One day, in a vision from the Creator, he was told that while all those who fight against the existence of Mankind as a whole would be punished, Mankind was no longer the only people who could become Pure, and that anyone can become Pure if they follow the Laws of Purity well. Purif began to teach this, and was seen as crazy by some and a heretic by others. He and his followers were persecuted, but soon, the voice of the Creator boomed over the land, telling the people of Alathra that Purif was telling the truth and that all are free to become Pure, as long as they try with all their heart, and that to think that Humans can become Pure by only following certain laws is the true heresy. Thus, this belief became standard practice in orthodox Purificationism.

End Times

According to the holy texts of Purificationism, the Creator has been regaining his strength since the Dark Wars and once he is at full strength, he will end the current world. All non-Purificationists, dead or alive, as well as all Dark Ones and the Unholy Impurity, will be destroyed and removed existence, and all faithful Purificationists will live in a new world of pure bliss for all eternity. However, this will most likely not happen for thousands of years.


Ritual of Purification

Whenever someone becomes impure by violating the Laws of Purity, they can rectify this by sacrificing something of extreme value to them by throwing it into lava. This is why you will sometimes find altars with a religious relic atop them in Purificationist cities and lava at their base, because this is where the locals sacrifice.


If one does great things and shows immense devotion, they may be canonized as a Saint.

The Code of Honor

The Purificationist Code of Honor describes how a Purificationist can remain Pure in battle. These are the Laws of Battle:

  1. Do not kill innocent civilians.
  2. Do not kill when it is not necessary to win victory in battle.
  3. Do not destroy any form of Purificationist building.
  4. Do not kill other Purificationists unless you know for a fact that they were forced into fighting you.
  5. If you wield a high rank in a military, make sure you cause the least damage as possible to the cities you attack while still being able to win.
  6. Be honorable; do not commit war crimes or unnecessary acts of mayhem in battle.
  7. Even if you are already in the military, refuse to march against an enemy which you know to have the moral high ground or who has a large Purificationist population.
  8. Even when fighting, follow the Laws of Purity as closely as you can while still being able to win