Traitor Valley War

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The Traitor Valley War, also called the Goofy War, Goober War, Funky War, Prsata Desert Conflict, Texasian War, the Rising Dawns Civil War, or the Texan Revolution Part 2: Electric Boogaloo, is an undeclared guerilla war between the Republic of Texasia and Chiefdom of Aurum Vallis.

Undeclared Guerilla War
Continent of Prsata
Republic of Texasia & Allies Chiefdom of Aurum Vallis & Allies
Commanders and leaders

Vice President Tiberius Jakivus III

President Omyam

Chief Canfrog (Aurum Vallis)

Leader NordicKnight (Dawn's Keep)


Founding of Texasia

Two players, Omyam and the newly-homeless Tiberius Jakivus III, wanted to form a desert republic based on their real-life home of Texas. They built a little town coming out of a butte in the Prsata desert, and named it the Republic of Texasia, with Omyam as President and Tiberius as Vice President. Soon, however, they found that their new small town was in the territory of the nearby small nation of Rising Dawns. Not wanting a war, the city agreed to become a city in Rising Dawns.

Fall of Dawn's Keep

Soon after, the capitol of Rising Dawns, Dawn's Keep, went bankrupt, and so Texasia precariously became the new capitol. When Dawn's Keep was re-founded, the former Leader of the nation, NordicKnight, asked President Omyam to make Dawn's Keep the capitol again, as he had personally paid to form the nation and thus the Keep was the rightful capitol, but the Texasians refused. The tension was thick enough to cut with a sword.

First Battle of Aurum Vallis

The Emperor of Id'eskana, Jeroboam, had put a bounty out on the Chief of Aurum Vallis, Canfrog. Aurum Vallis was nearby, so, in order to get some money to fund Rising Dawns' imperial ambitions, Omyam and NordicKnight led a military operation to secretly invade Aurum Vallis and kill Canfrog. However, as the Texasian Army moved in, they realized that Canfrog had reinforcements, and the Texasian Army was ambushed. A fierce skirmish commenced, with Tiberius having all of his things stolen, and the Texasian Army retreated.

First Battle of Texasia

Wanting revenge for what he claimed was an insurrection, NordicKnight revealed that he was in cahoots with Canfrog, and so the Dawn's Keep and Aurum Vallis militaries invaded Texasia. They took the Vice President hostage and forced him to betray Omyam by telling them where in the town he was hiding. This betrayal is why the desert in Southern Prsata is sometimes called Traitor Valley. Eventually, Tiberius escaped and Omyam fought off the invaders, but it was too late. A war had begun in Traitor Valley.

Humanitarian Crisis

The guerilla-style nature of this war has caused Traitor Valley, especially the Western area, to be very dangerous. Anyone suspected of being on one side of the conflict who dares travel in the region is attacked by the other side. Walls have been built around most of the cities involved in the conflict, and a peace conference is scheduled for April 14th, 14 AC, with many nations wishing for peace and trade to resume planning to send diplomats.