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The city was named after a purple flower native to the region.


The city of Flumenia is located in Northern Omis at the mouth of the river of Aesis. The terrain is mostly plains like with a mountainous region in the western portion of the city that contains the heart of the mountain, a large hardened amethyst crystalized geode. The Aesis River provides Flumenia with plenty of fish and irrigation for the city's agriculture. Located to the East of of Flumenia is a natural hot spring as well as a frozen glacier underneath the hot spring. Which provides the city with fresh clean drinking water.


Flumenia is mostly a merchant port comprised of sailors, farmers, miners, and various skilled craftsmen. The largest icon for culture is the library where you can view all of Flumenia's lore items on display as well as read books from all over Alathra. A flumenian can best be picked out in a crowd for their bright clothing with gold trim or silver trim. The colors of Flumenian citizens are usually blue, red, green, and yellow. Purple is reserved usually for the higher class citizens. The flumenians are also known for their mastery of various wines. The sea is a major asset to the flumenians as well, the sea is the source of their income thus they worship it.


The Flumenians are not strict to one single religion, rather they have a pantheon of multiple gods to which they worship. The most popular gods in Flumenia include Axole the god of the sea and Herona the goddess of earth and nature. There is a cathedral in Flumenia in which you may worship these gods.


Town is founded March 3rd of year 1 AC. The first recorded date of history for Flumenia is March 21st of year 1 AC. Duchess Aria established the independent claim of Flumenia. The dark ages has started which we don't see much activity from Flumenia for a few years. Flumenia is brought into the nation of Aeskana February 28th of yea 12 AC. Grand Architect Lixionit begins construction on reviving Flumenia March 18th of year 13 AC. March 23rd year 13 AC, the library is finished and the first books are imported from across Alathra. Recruitment efforts begin to re-start the life of Flumenia, Aepril 1st Year 14 AC. Cathedral is finished May 5th of year 15 AC. Flumenia Declares independence from the empire of Id'eskana on May 9th year 15 AC Flumenia Castle is finished May 25th of year 15 AC. A Mutual Defense pact is Signed with the orcs of Dulkun Khorro on May 25th of Year 15 AC. A Mutual Alliance treaty is signed with the empire of Id'eskana on May 26th of Year 15 AC.