Commonwealth of Adelaar

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The Commonwealth of Adelaar
Flag of the Commonwealth of Adelaar
Political Map of Adelaar
Political Map of Adelaar
Political Map of Adelaar
Geographical Map of Adelaar
Geographical Map of Adelaar
Geographical Map of Adelaar
Official languages Alathran
Religion Johnactualism


Demonym Adelaaran
Membership Empire of Styvaria

Empire of Dahlfaustn

Kingdom of Adelaar
Government Monarchist Assembly
 •  King of Styvaria Zeneth The Unifier
 •  Emperor of Dahlfaustn Hildebod Paeleos
 •  High Queen of Adelaar Irena Trachon
Establishment March 17, 13 AC
 •  estimate 160 (in-game), 160,000 (in-lore)

The Commonwealth of Adelaar (Tiberian: dir Kaamenweldt vaan Aadtellarr), also known as the Adelaaran Commonwealth, Adelaar or the C.O.A, was the dominant nation on the continent of Adelaar until it fell due to inactivity. Founded on March 17, 13 AC, the Commonwealth of Adelaar was a loose union between the largest states of Adelaar. With its capital in Styvaria, its largest cities included Trachonos and Cathalos. Adelaar never had an official constitution or unified governmental system, with all important decisions being made my simple agreement among the state leaders.

The C.O.A was spread throughout the Continent of Adelaar, although many of its largest cities were on Adelaar's coasts, its own capital of Styvaria was instead positioned on a river leading to inner Adelaar. The C.O.A also had an extensive array of mountain ranges in its territory, which have commonly been used for mountain forts. Adelaar's territory also extended into the many islands to the west and east of the mainland.

Adelaar's rock content was sporadic, with the northwest mainly being composed of Calcite and Diorite, with the rest being composed of primarily Stone.

Due to Adelaar's large north-south territorial span and the large mountain ranges across the continent, the climate of the Commonwealth varied greatly depending on what province you are in, with the northwest having a Dry Continental Climate, the southwest and east having a Humid Continental Climate, and the countless islands to the west of the mainland having a Subtropical Climate.


Background: Before the Commonwealth

The first inklings of a united Adelaar started with the first realms on the continent with Rhumlaantd controlling much of northern Adelaar, and Sondorboren controlling southern Adelaar.

After the fall of both realms, many smaller kingdoms begun to pop up across Adelaar, including Reva, Ælfscyn, and Kylindor. Many of which went on to unite into Aprela, which is to date the largest political entity to inhabit Adelaar. Not soon after however, infighting destroyed Aprela, splitting into the Republic of Adelaar and a renewed Kylindor.

After a period of semi-isolation in Adelaar, the many realms of Adelaar coalesced into 4 main kingdoms. The Empire of Styvaria, the Empire of Dahlfaustn, the Kingdom of Adelaar and the Kingdom of Gnelfscyn.

Confederation of Adelaar

The Confederation of Adelaar was a short-term precursor to the Commonwealth of Adelaar. Although the Confederation attempted to institute Democratic processes to an All-Adelaar state. The government was weak, and failed to gain much traction in terms of international recognition, leading it to be effectively dismantled upon the election of its first Grand Councillor.


After the failures of the Confederation of Adelaar, the leaders of Adelaar almost immediately started discussing unifying in a more federalized state. While the discussions surrounding unification were nearly ever present, the official discussion regarding unification only took place moments before the realms of Adelaar agreed.

The three founding members, King Zeneth The Unifier, Emperor Hildebod Paeleos, and High Queen Irena Trachon, all joined their realms into one on March 17, 13 AC.