Architect Regenauld Thomas Rosehalle

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Regenauld (Regen) Rosehalle is the Royal Architect in The Empire Of Styvaria, serving under King Zeneth. Regen hopes to continue the construction of the Rosehalle, and to make the lands surrounding it as lovely as possible. He is obsessive and overbearing toward the lands He and his Brother are responsible for, especially so for the buildings therein. Generally apathetic towards those he does not know and little better to those he does.


Regenauld Thomas Rosehalle
OccupationRoyal Architect
Notable workStyvarian Royal Manor
StyleBotanical, Roses, NOT ELVEN.
RelativesClaude Mathias Rosehalle (brother)

Growing up he found himself bored by the familiar mediocrity of his family home and spent his time wondering about what else could be, of halls that extended far past the old wardrobe at the end of his own, of flights of stairs higher than the cramped ceiling he spent so long staring at. The drab family house left a lot to be desired. Greys bounced off the floor and walls in an awful way. Dreary in every sense of word, there was just a bit color in that house. Down a staircase and outside to one of the few parts of the house that had direct sunlight lay a makeshift greenhouse. His elder brother of a few years kept his work in this wing. Flowers, fauana, and the quiet scribblings of a man too busy to look elsewhere than a single plant in a sea of green made this room a haven. Light! Color! Appreciative in its contrast to the rest of the house, made the younger continue to ponder the high arches and walls of glass for light, except now with a floral flavor added in. Just the acknowledgement of a flower was enough for the elder to feel connected to his younger. Their connection would serve them well for the future.

As time went on he went from a child imagining windows where there were none to a man who saw great arches and massive walls of glass every time he closed his eyes. Interest turned to fascination and then to obsession. by the time he found himself leaving that familiar house with his brother he had thoroughly convinced himself that this was to be both his passion and purpose in life, and now as they stood on the cliffs of the soon to be Styvarian capitol he was sure he had found his opportunity to see it through.

Regen is Claude Rosehalle's brother.


Be it his pallid near sickly complexion or somewhat wet looking dark brown hair, he appears as though he has spent far longer than one should submerged in a cold stream, regardless of how recently he has been. Even so his clothes still appear dry, he is often seen wearing a brown leather coat and a long sleeve knit wool shirt, though the size of his closet on the Rosehalles floorplan implies more than this single outfit. No matter how or where he finds himself he is sure to always keep his family crest on and visible.