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and largest city
Ethnic groups Bjørnean, Vjarnen
 •  High King Randal Caskut

Steinnheimr was a nation in Ceyreto formed on December 6th, 2023. It was north of the Commonwealth of Blackthorn, and west of The Lost Woods. In it's history, its had two true kings. The first one being Magnus Unfrid, the next being Randal Caskut.


Steinheimr was founded on December 6th, 2023, With Magnus Unfrid and (GamingSamuraiRP) being the nation's two founders. During the early days of Steinnheimr, it only had one city: Bjørn. However, Steinnheimr finally became a real nation once they took merged with (It'zSusan's) town. Steinheimr continued to grow, adding 2 more towns to the nation, increasing it's population significantly.

When the nation was first being formed, the only sign of its only town existing was a small cave, with doors in the front. Over time, more buildings were made, with some falling in ruin as well. Once the town of ItzSusan was taken over, Admiral Jörgens Arkivjarh of Steinnheimr was given mayorship of the town. However, the admiral went missing, and with nobody to run the town, another person by the name of Cheese took ownership of the town.

Soon after Cheese had been given the admiral's town, the ex-general of Steinheimr, JoeySir, made his own town in the northern region.