Randal Caskut

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Randal Caskut was the marshal of Steinheimr, but is (no longer) now the king due to Magnus Unfrid's disappearance. He is a kind-hearted individual, but occasionally get aggerated once something really inconveniencing happens.


Randal is 6"7' with black hair that has grey streaks running through it. He wears golden glasses and a dark blue buttoned up suit. He wields a netherite sword and has it out almost always. He has a brown sheathe on his back to put it once he doesn't want the sword out anymore. He's strong, but not muscular, due to his exercise routines. His face doesn't really show any signs of aging, despite him being in his mid-thirties


Although he's believed to always reside in alathra, that is not the case. He's been to multiple civilizations and has even became ruler of a few. Although he's always wanted to rule over a kingdom, that wasn't his goal once he first arrived to alathra. All he wanted was to be in the ranks of a guard team. As soon as Randal arrived, King Magnus invited him into the kingdom of steinheimr, which he gladly accepted. Once he arrived to the kingdom, King Magnus gave him a sword entitled "Kaeden's Greatsword", which was said to pass down by many generations.

Randal hadn't been of any importance for a while, but a lot of the citizens quite enjoyed his company. Randal would have already been settled down, when the king had asked for Randal to move into a small little cabin with him, which Randal accepted, as he thought it was an opportunity he could not pass up.

Shortly after, Randal had been promoted to the marshal of Steinheimr, which he held for a very long time, by recruiting members for not only the guards, but the royal guards as well. Although very liked, not many took him seriously. Not even the king let him do what he wanted with his army.

Steinheimr had many threats of war, and even opted to participate in a few. However, no matter what Randal said, he seemed to not have a say in what the nation did, despite being in the council. Although he could take a lot, he did not appreciate the amount of disrespect he had received from not only the king, but others as well.

A long time later, however, Randal had discovered that they were being taken to war by a nation called "Kittenberg". Despite Randal craving war, He knew that the kittens were a very violent force, and that peace would be the best option. Magnus wouldn't do anything about peace, so he sent a letter to the kitten's leader, asking to talk. After a while of talking and discussing terms between Randal and the Kittenberg leaders, they all finally came to terms with a treaty that they both agreed on.

When Magnus was called to the tavern, where the meeting was taking place, he sat down and refused to sign the treaty, which made both Randal and the kittens furious. The kittens kept asking magnus to sign the book, or there would be war, but the king refused to sign it anyways. Randal signed the book along with the kittens, and they all went on their way.

However, when Randal was looking for magnus all across the nation, he couldn't find him anywhere. It's like the king of the nation just... disappeared. As magnus was gone without a trace, Randal decided to take the throne for himself, and that's when Randal became the new king of steinheimr.

With Randal becoming the new King of Steinheimr, Peace with the kittens was now achieved, and war was now not a possibility with them, considering he has them on that nation's side.

However, despite being the king of steinheimr, and accomplishing his goals. He still decides it's not enough. Instead of keeping steinheimr, he disbands it and moves to aeskana (Now Id'eskana)


As a new member of id'eskana, he hopes to make his new town, and rise up the ranks to hopefully be more sucessful then steinheimr ever was.