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Flag of Kalikhan
StatusFederal state
 • TypeConstitutional monarchy
 • MonarchKonstantyn Winogradoff
 • Total71

Kalikhan is an independent federal state on the western coast of Kuthara. It has a population of 71.


The first documented records of Kalikhan are of a small fishing village on the shore of Lake Bryłka, dating to late March of 1 AC. The village slowly grew to become a small town by the following year. Not long after its establishment, Kalikhan became part of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto. However, during the Zydel-Ceyreto conflict, Kalikhan formally renounced its membership in order to avoid further involvement in the war.

In 3 AC, Kalikhan started to experience rapid growth in population and size, nearly quadrupling its population within a year. It quickly outgrew its status as a city-state, becoming a federation that united 6 towns across western Ceyreto.


Kalikhan is a federation consisting of 5 districts and a federal capital. All districts have autonomous administrations, led by princes appointed by the ruling monarch.

  • City of Kalikhan (Federal capital)
  • Amnem
  • Zhar Dorahl
  • WestPoint Co.
  • Wrensbath
  • Alzamor

Notable residents