Frederik van Eske

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Frederik van Eske
Van Eske in his usual outfit
Personal information
BornFrederik Derstoff
May 20, 30 BC
DiedFebruary 29, 12 AC (aged 41)
Concord, Kalikhan
Resting placeOld Kalikhan Cemetary
OccupationComposer, writer
Years active4 AC – 12 AC
Notable workWhat I Heard Last Summer
Post Mortem

Frederik van Eske (May 20, 30 BC – February 29, 12 AC) was a Kutharan-born historian, composer and political activist, living and working mainly in the city of Kalikhan.

Life and career

Frederik Derstoff was born in a wealthy fishing village in eastern Kuthara to Maia Derstoff and Rogner Derstoff. At the age of 5, he lost both of his parents to animal-borne disease.

Through old family aquintances, Frederik was taken in by Van Eskes, an elderly pair from nobility. They set no expectations for young Frederik, leaving him with plenty of free time to roam the vast plains of Kuthara, where he began to grow fascinated by nature.

When Frederik reached adulthood, he was registered to bear the name of his foster family, but due to his status he was unable to be granted a title. Van Eskes organized him to move to the nearby city of Kalikhan, where he could receive an education from the only school available in the region.

After his graduation, he went on to pursue an academic career. He received a grant to move to Prsata, where he taught general history and Kutharan culture. Having held that position for 3 years, he returned to Kuthara to work for the brand new Kalikhan Public Library, becoming its chief librarian. To help spread literacy and the general sciences across the region, he founded the Watchman Books Company, whose primary mission became to provide the general population with free literature.

List of selected works