The Kutharan Myth of Creation

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The Kutharan Myth of Creation
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General information
AuthorFrederik van Eske
Page count42
CreatedMay 19, 3 AC
PublisherWatchman Books Company
Current locationKalikhan

The Kutharan Myth of Creation is a Kutharan folklore tale about the creation of the Alathran universe. It was written by Frederik van Eske over a duration of three months, during which Van Eske visited numerous Kutharan villages with the goal of preserving their oral history in script.

It was the first book Van Eske had written and its publish date on May 19, 3 AC coincided with the establishment of Watchman Books Company.

The original manuscript is preserved in the archives of the Kalikhan Institute for Research and Development.


The book consists of 5 different chapters documenting The Creator, an omnipotent being during his creation of Earth and the three dimensions.

Chapter I

The first chapter establishes the characters of The Void and The Creator, the only two beings to exist in the beginning of the universe. With the creation of the first cube, The Creator starts shaping a template for the Earth, forming the beginnings of four distinct realms in the process.

Chapter II

The second chapter considers the struggle between darkness and light in The Creator's realms. The Void is bothered by the work of The Creator, seemingly trying to claim it under his control. One of his plans involves the creation of monsters that spread the darkness. The Creator defeats them, becoming inspired to also fill his realm with beings, who are meant to live in the light.

Chapter III

The third chapter describes The Creator offering help to his beings in creating their civilizations. An important part is played by a group of beings called the Guardsmen, who are the keepers of the Aether realm. As they are the most intelligent of The Creator's beings, they aid him with establishing civilizations in his other realms.

Chapter IV

The fourth and the longest chapter in the book describes the event that unfolds after the Guardsmen pick the fruits of a forbidden tree. Seeing their apparently violent tendencies, The Creator immediately splits all of creation into three, trying to restrict the damage. The Void, once again trying to benefit from the chaos, is deterred by The Creator a second time.

Chapter V

The final chapter documents The Creator sending out ambassadors, with the intent of restoring peace to his realms.