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Aelfscyn (Ælfscyn) was once the most prosperous and prominent city-state on the continent of Adelaar.

Aelfscyn was an idyllic, peaceful society nestled in the deep woods. Father Tree and nature herself gave birth to Elvenia, the embodiment of nature, beauty, grace and the cycle of life, who continued to care for the town as if it was her garden itself.

The people of Aelfscyn were likewise peaceful, gentle and honourable, except the time in year 1 when Ballguardia, a small band of humans, settled south of the forest and started logging and leaving taunting messages on signs made of the wood, because Comradecoz promptly killed them all and decorated the ground around their taunting signage with their severed heads. War was declared by Sundorboren on Ballguardia, becoming the first official war in the new era of Alathra, but the destiny of Ballguardia had been sealed through Comradecoz’s vengeance.