List of sovereign states

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The following is a list with an overview of sovereign states in Alathra and information about the recognition of their sovereignty.

Common and formal names Sovereignty dispute
Ælfscyn None
Aether - Empire of Aether None
Aprela - Realm of Aprela None
Aurora - Kingdom of Aurora None
Australis Confederacy None
Azure - Azure Scripture None
Blackthorn - Commonwealth of Blackthorn None
Boreah - High Kingdom of Borea None
Bunglrunk None
Cootland Claimed by Kavisay
Idrolia - Chiefdom of Idrolia None
Imperious Siva Republic None
Kalikhan None
Kavisay - Communes of Kavisay None
Lichdom - Grand Lichdom of Prsata None
Lucredia None
Nedersticht None
Porzhport None
Shermania None
Silferia - Silferian Empire None
Thaambaile - Caravansary of Thaambaile Partly claimed by Guldir
Wyrdwood None
Zydel - Kingdom of Zydel None