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Lucredia Flag
The Official Flag of Lucredia
Lucredia Emblem
The Emblem of Lucredia


The name Lucredia originates from lucre (profaned) and edia (land), words which both come from an ancient language that was common within the region. Lucredia was known back then as the profaned lands, referring to their unreligious behaviour and focus on science and technology.

The name of the capital, Lucrona, comes from lucr (syllable from Lucredia) and crona (crown), meaning "the crown of Lucredia". The town was named such due to the enormous wealth that it once had.


The Beginning

The name Lucredia was first used in an ancient empire for a sub-kingdom, which was similarly experienced in science and culture as the capital. Its inhabitants never really believed in a religion, and so the dominant religious community labelled them as "unholy lands" and "an homage to evil".

As years passed under the rule of the 47th king Lenadea den Criel, the Kingdom broke free from the falling empire and managed to stay in peace for an estimated 500 years. The long peace was broken, when the Church initiated crusades against the Kingdom, declaring them an enemy of god due to their advanced culture and technology. Lucredia claimed victory thanks to their three giant Magical Golems they had obtained from their days in the empire.

After the crusades, several other attempts followed to destroy the Kingdom and acquire its golems, including attempts from the Kingdom's former co-vassals from the empire, which had to get rid of them due to extremely high maintenance. One of these wars was nearly lost, as two of the golems had been sabotaged and the third was undergoing maintenance. In all of the wars, Lucredia took little to no territory and mainly vassalized the other states to increase their own power and provide their riches to more people.

But after nearly 1700 years of independence, freedom and civil rights, the first power-hungry and selfish King got elected. The 1385th king called Bahamuth den Criel-Leoren of Lucredia pushed to annex most vassal states, unaware of the consequences. A cult worshipping 7 gods, which was in a part of the new territory, saw this as an opportunity to gain higher popularity and started spreading within the nation with everyone noticing except the king. The dukes and senators tried to mobilize as much as possible to fend off the incoming threat, but failed miserably. One duke, known as Sebastion Lenadea ven Akuma-Criel Dominate (latin), died at the frontlines after killing an estimated amount of 4000 cultists, making him one of the strongest soldiers of that time. But all hope was lost as when the senate was holding a vote on deposing the King, the cultists burned the capital of Lucrona to the ground, removing any evidence that a nation ever existed. The Kingdom collapsed soon after and many fled to a nation beyond the known world, hopeful to one day be able to return.

The Return

One of the people displaced was the son of Duke Sebastion Lenadea ven Akuma-Criel Dominate named Valentinus Sebastion ven Akuma-Criel-Kommandena Dominate, who went with his mother to her birthplace beyond the known world. 2000 years later, Knight Lucas Gerg Lenadea Sebastian vin Akuma-Criel Dominate decided to return, only to see a big shrine being built by the cult which destroyed the nation. He was sacrificed after being found. His brother then decided to remove all evidence, that they have the blood of the former King of Lucredia. After an additional 2000 years, Knight Lukas Valentin Georg Johann Sebastian von Akuma Dominate travelled to the world of Alathra, looking for adventure. Once he arrived, he felt a weird presence, so he decided to investigate the realm further. After some time, he got visions of his ancestors who marched this road as well for a reason unknown to him. Out of curiosity, he followed the path he had seen in his inner eye with the weird presence getting stronger and stronger as he marched. After months of travelling, he arrived on a lush island just offshore of a peninsula. There, he saw exactly what had taken place 4000 years ago and decided to try to find more information about the long dead nation of Lucredia. It didn't to ok long for him to realise that in theory he is the heir to Lucredia and so he decided to rebuild it as much as possible and dig up any old relics to restore or recreate them.

Government structure

Lucredia is a senatorial Monarchy, meaning that there's a senate and a chancellor to represent the people, but the leader still holds absolute authority over the nation as well as over the nobility, who controls the region.


The Duke Lukas Valentin Georg Johann Sebastian von Akuma Dominate has absolute power over Lucredia and is the uncontested ruler of the Nation. He draws all regional borders, holds the capital and is (currently) the only one with the power to grant titles of nobility and military (except soldier).

Right Hand Man

The Right Hand Man is considered the uncontested heir to the Duchy as long the current leader doesn't have an offspring. He has about the same rights as the Duke, but must be a member of nobility, have the trust of the Liege and be an active citizen.

The Chancellor

The Chancellor is a Senator elected by the Senate to represent all people, be a figurehead and do diplomatic discourse as well as talk to the people and try to fulfill the wishes of the masses.

The Senate

The senate consists of one senator per city district (capital) and one per town with more than 5 citizen. Their job is to listen to the people and hand wishes as well as information and opinions to the nobles or the Liege, but the Senate is seen as politically stronger than the Nobility, as it can depose a Liege by an unanimous vote. Their duties also include planning infrastructure and state policies, sometimes handling diplomatic discourse, although that is mostly done by the Chancellor. To be eligible for the role as Senator, you may not be part of one of the military Organs of Lucredia or be in the Nobility.

The Nobility

In the Nobility, traditional titles are being used. They are considered the region owners and can be a vassal of each other. Their freedom goes up to the extent that the Duke lets regional and small international wars happen, as long it doesn't harm him or any important relations with other nations.


A Baron can become a Count if he has a population of 10 within his town. Then the Town holder may be granted the title of Count and following deeds and rights: More Territory, right to hand out the title of knight (the liege may remove that right if not used properly), Allowance for a second Settlement, higher Taxation more responsibility and a higher status in society.


Once someone makes a town in the name of Lucredia, he will be considered a baron and will be given a bit of land surrounding the town. If the town is already in a county or higher, it will automatically be assigned to it. Once a town is seen as established (5 citizen) the baron has to designate a senator and pay taxes to the capital, but how the money is earned will not be investigated.


People in charge of a district of the capital Lucrona hold the title of a knight. They are considered to have the same rights as barons have, but are still a lower rank. Outside the capital, Counts and above are allowed to assign this role symbolically to those who do great work, but can't be in the senate as the place is already taken/the town doesn't have enough people. If the Liege wishes, he may grant uncivilized land to a Knight to develop it.


The Lucredian Military is roughly split into 2 big Entities which are both controlled by the liege:


Translated to Black Army, this is the main Force on land. The Hierarchy is as followed:


Has total control of the Noiralbeta, but if the Senate decided to depose the king, it may act under the guidance of the senate until a new Liege has been chosen.


Is in charge of an Army wing, which is the largest Army type that can be raised. only the Liege and sub-Kingdoms may get an Army wing.


Is in charge of a Battalion, which is made up of 3 to 5 Divisions, varying on the specification of the Battalion and the Divisions.


Is in charge of a Division, which is made up of 3 to 5 Corps, varying on the specification of the Division or the Corps


Is in charge of a Corp, which is made up of up to 4 players.


Translated to Black Fleet or Black Navy, this is the main Force on the wide seas. The Hierarchy is as followed:


Has total control of the Noirgalfesta, but if the Senate decided to depose the king, it may act under the guidance of the senate until a new Liege has been chosen.

Lieutenant of Sea/Grand Admiral

Is in charge of the main Fleet of Lucredia, which is comprised of many smaller Fleets.


Is in charge of an Armada, which is made up of 6 to 10 ships of various sizes and capeabilities.


Is in Charge of a Fleet, which is made up of 2 to 5 ships.


Is in Charge of a single Ship, he has the same authority as an Commodore, as long he isn't assigned to a Fleet or an Armada.