Grand Lichdom of Prsata

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Grand Lichdom of Prsata
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: Officium ad Mortem
Anthem: The Haunted Horde
Ringed FortressMorgul
Largest city Necrodom
Ethnic groups Undead
Religion Xaxklianism
Government Federal Oligarchy
 •  Grand Lich Jharim Highmore the Voidborn
 •  Grand Lich Morgrim the Ancient
 •  Grand Lich Root the Insatiable
 •  Upper house The Grand Council
 •  estimate 550,000
 •  census 55 (Actual)

"The undead scourge in our deserts is without honor, without morals. They will stop at nothing." - Alathran scholars after the Lichdom-Astravian conflict.

The Grand Lichdom of Prsata, more commonly refered to as Lichdom, was an oligarchic society residing in the mesa region. It was led by a council of three liches: Highmore, Morgrim, and Root. Two of the liches came from the Dreadhorde, while one converted by himself. The Grand Lichdom had a complicated governmental and economic structure.


The larger of the two factions, The Horde, consisting of the former Dreadhorde members and led by Morgrim and Root, focused on using their powers of undeath to rapidly expand people. They focused on manpower and handled most of the external relations for the Lichdom.

The smaller of the two factions, The Xaxklians, consisting of the former members of the Xaxklian Imperium and led by Jharim Highmore, focused on using their powers of undeath to rapidly develop technology. They have made many innovations militarily, economically, and technologically, and were the driving force of the Lichdom's technological might.



The Xaxklians made up the navy of the Lichdom. Their focus on technology had led to ships that some considerde ahead of their time. From the smallest of the Foslyx-class Logistical Ships to the largest of Highmore-class Dreadnoughts, each vessel cut through the waves with efficiency, mongering fear in all who stood in their way.


The Xaxklians operated off of a highly capitalistic system. Any and all resources could be bought, or a small amount of communal resources shared. Huge farms, deep underground, steadily churned forth a profit, and that was used to fuel the military. Operating off of a bidding system, individual citizens could earn money by selling supplies to the government, whether it be ships or armor.


The Xaxklians had an internal political system, usually closed to the outside world. Rarely would they discuss extremely important decisions regarding themselves with others.



GB-4/AT (Great Bombard, Quad Barrel, Auto, Turret) MGAP-2/AT (Main Gun, Armor Piercing, Twin Barrel, Auto, Turret) M Series VBS (Mortar, Cell Count, Vertical Bombardment System)


The Xaxklian Heavy Plate allowed souls to be bound to heavy armor, that moves like normal plate. Dead Xaxklian soldiers could rebind themselves to this plate with the help of a Lich.


Foslyx-class Logistical Ship Castrum-class Frigate Prsata-class Cruiser Aquis-class Battlecruiser Morgrim-class Siege Battleship Highmore-class Super Battleship



The government of the Grand Lichdom was split into two parts. Both of these parts were comprised of members from both factions.