Australis Union

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Australis Union of Prsata
Motto: In God We Trust
and largest city
Newer Polk
Official languages English
Ethnic groups Polisian (75%)

Alathran (10%)

Floridino (20%)
Religion Christianity
Government Republic
 •  Praeses southsniper
 •  Prime Minister TeamTokes
Legislature Senate

The Australis Union, formerly the Australis Confederacy/Confederation, was a nation in the southern continent of Prsata. It is mainly known for the controversy caused by their vast land claims.


Originally the Australis Confederation, the nation was founded June 15th, 2023, in the continent of Prsata. The early days were filled with instability, as constant mob attacks combined with the recent economic changes led the nation to always be at risk of falling. It was a ship building deal that ultimately saved the economy.

The country was thrusted into the world stage with the high-profile events of the Prsata Cold War. Due to the rising tensions, Praeses Southnsniper transferred his position to leader of the Senate, giving the executive powers to Apexiann. It was then during the negotiations that the Australis Senate decided to exclude themselves once more from the Prsati Constellation. The diplomatic fallout led to the temporary closing of the nation's borders.

Soon after, the Senate voted to officially change the country's name to the Australis Union. The Senate cited the creation of states in the Union as a primary reason for the change of governance.

In a 4-1-1 Vote, former praeses southnsniper was reelected for a second term on August 18th, 2023.

After much inactivity, the Union was dissolved, leaving in its place a smaller successor state, the Ironwood Federation, and the rest being designated as the "Alathran Heritage Preserve". The Ironwood Federation would later be integrated in the nation of Perselle.


The Australis Union was a republican-style government, a traditional style of government that has existed since 2019.


The Praeses (latin for President) was the commander-in-chief of the Australis Union. He who is Praeses has control over the Armed Forces of the Union, along with partial control of the following:

  • State Department (led by TeamTokes)
  • Department of Economics (led by UnlockedBeast48)
  • Engineering Department (led by _pyrovision_)


The Australis Senate was the legislative body of the Union. Each town in the Union was able to elect one senator to sit in the senate. From there, the Senate had the following roles

  • Pass laws
  • Discuss alliances
  • Declare war
  • Impeach government officials

The Senate was notable for formally rejecting the alliance with the Prsati Constellation, which kickstarted a major fallout of diplomatic relations that is felt to this day.

Justice system

Besides a brief 4 day stint, there existed no federal courts. However, the judicial branch was responsible for oversight of the Australis National Police, which acted as the Union's law-enforcement organization.


The Australis Union's primary reason for renaming was the inclusion of States. There were 3 states, each in reference to the storied past of the Union. Each state is equipped with a governor, who is responsible for the development of their state.

Each state was authorized to raise a national guard, which served as a auxiliary force in times of war, and as a patrol force when in peace. Currently no real national guard is active due to the low population of the nation.

The three states of the Union


The most populated region, Floridus was home to 95% of the Union's population. The Floridus Governor was southnsniper, however due to his reelection, he was seeking a new replacement.

Floridus currently has the following cities:

  • Newer Polk (Capital)
  • Praedium

The territory bordered the Elyras Empire. Floridus was launching a program to turn the entire prairie into woods, citing security concerns and beauty. Sun Rail was a state rail-line connecting the state's towns. The taiga line between Newer Polk and Praedium was being built.


Ironwood was a state in the southern region of the Union. It bordered the nation of Sciathanach to the south. Despite its low population, Ironwood had the most towns in the nation:

  • Ironwood Estates (state capital)
  • Stoneport
  • Port Wilo

The Ironwood State became the Ironwood Federation on the 27th, a continuation of a large legacy.


Minerva was the largest state by landmass. However, both no town and no governor were there, however sniper was advocating for Fordington to lead it, as he was the mayor of the territory.


The Australis Armed Forces were considered to be a tier-2 power.


The Australis Army at its peak had 10 people. The Army was the premier land force for the nation, specializing in infantry and artillery. In response to the removal of Movecraft and tensions with Elyras, Apexiann mobilized the entire army, and transferred all navy and national guard personnel into the Army, along with signing up himself.

The army units were:

Legion I, Fort Florida

  • 1st Regiment, "Fighting Gators", Fort Florida, Newer Polk. Commander: southnsniper
  • 2nd Regiment, "Gladiators", Ironwood Estates. Commander: Rkn2562
  • 3rd Regiment, "Regulators", Praedium. Commander: TheRealVeriton

The Army utilized war dogs, with about 20 in service, the majority in the 1st Regiment.

Eventually the Army would shift to a division-style organization, a nod to the republican government style that the Union had taken.



The Australis Navy possessed the following ships:

1st Fleet, Newer Polk

  • AUS Technoblade, Constitution-class frigate with 23 guns
  • AUS Gator, Destroyer with 4 guns
  • AUS Titan, classified
  • AUS Cortez, mass cargo ship

Marine Corp

While not officially mustered, the Australis Navy had the power to activate a Marine Corp, specialized in amphibious and expeditionary operations. Sniper has stated that he would make the Marine Corp a separate branch should enough numbers be attained.

National Guard

Considered reserves and not separate branches, the National Guard could be mobilized for both the Navy and the Army. When not mobilized, the National Guard could act as a state police force, keeping paths free from mobs.

Each individual town was allowed to raise a small 3-man artillery guard, which could be called for Navy service


The Union was known for its tight-knit community that is accepting of new people. Many who have joined stay for a while, with UnlockedBeast48 being with the community for over 2 years.

State roleplay is prohibited according to a senate ruling, yet private citizens were allowed to rp. Marraige was forebidden, as sniper viewed it as a easy way for predators to act due to the lack of age verification.

The official language is English, however it is not required. Christianity was the state religion, however it was not required for citizens to follow it.

Several Ethnic groups existed. The Union determined it to be based off of server of origin. They are:

-Polisian: originated off of Polis, this group is characterized by it's more warrior-eqsuque activities, fighting in several wars such as the DB GWOT and more

-Alathran: Originated off of Alathra, known for RPING

One major reason of the fall was the discrimination that the Australis Culture faced due to being not of the server's idea.

Foreign relations

Australis had a policy of the policeman, which which to stay peaceful and help to enforce the peace. Despite the no-state roleplay, Australis had close alliances with the following nations:

  • Chiefdom of Idrolia

Prsata Cold War

Formally allied with their southern neighbors. The Australis Union formally severed ties with the Prasati Constellation due to defamation attempts on both their leaders and their people. This came at a point where the alliance continually pressured and threatened Australis over their land claims, which existed long before those nations. Since then, a state of cold war existed between the two neighbors, with a population of 59 for the Constellation and 11 for Australis.

In response to the defamation, the Senate ordered the army to the border and for the police to arrest any member of the Constellation nations that step foot on the country illegally.

Notable residents

  • Apexiann: The second Praeses of the Union, Apexiann was known for his calm leadership.
  • southnsniper: The first and third Praeses of the Union, sniper was known for his no-nonsense attitude and fiery response to any threat on his nation.
  • TeamTokes: The prime minister of the Australis Union, TeamTokes is regarded as one of the greatest Union diplomats in his time.
  • UnlockedBeast48
  • rkn2562: the ace of Ironwood, who continues to strike fear in his enemies.