Prsata conflict

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The Prsata conflict (also known as the Prsata Cold War in the Australis Union) was a disagreement between the Australis Union and the Prsata Constellation (led by Elyras) in 6 AC. The main cause of the disagreement was the swift expansion that Australis Union had undertaken in the few previous years leading up to the conflict. Its government, headed by southnsniper, reacted heavily on the remarks made by other Prsatan nations, who were of the position that Australis had claimed land in excess and without proper settlements to justify such expansion. This caused the Australis Union to cut ties with most of its southern neighbors and publicly condemn their views.


The Australis Union was founded on June 15, 4 AC, followed by a quick expansion over the northern region of Prsata. On July 20, 5 AC, the Elyran Empire was formed in the heartland of Prsata. Early reports of interactions between the two show that they shared a rapport, as Elyras had bought three naval vessels from Australis. However, because of their differing views on foreign policy, especially regarding Prsata's future, diplomatic relations fell to the side. Elyras formed an alliance with neighboring Sciathanach, and created a economic partnership with several other nations in the region. Around this time, Australis was beginning to focus on domestic policy, with its leader, southnsniper, selecting a successor to the state by the name of Apexiann.


Map of northern Prsata during the conflict

Between 5 and 6 AC, both Elyras and Schiathanach made statements where they disapproved of the Australis claim over such a large region in the north. Sniper dismissed any intention to renegotiate their claims, which resulted in hostile communication between the two parties.

Vladikovka incident

On August 1, 6 AC, sniper began negotiations with the island town of Vladikovka in terms of integrating with their Union. The town was created some months earlier in the region that Australis had laid claim to. Sniper made Vladikovka an offer to join the Union, but also to remain semi-autonomous.

southnsniper >> hey so vladikovka i've done some thinking and as long as you don't attack us we'll let you stay on our lands
southnsniper >> you'll be recongnized like a native america tribe

—southsniper on August 2, 6 AC[1]

Elyras responded negatively to such negations, as they felt that the people of Vladikovka were being threatened to join Australis under unjustified claims. A meeting was held between Elyras and Australis, where both served the other with accusations. Australis felt that Elyras was looking to dispute their claims with the intention of acquiring the land for themselves, which Elyras denied, since they had no plans for expanding their nation. As the conversation turned sour, the meeting was abruptly adjourned.

On the following day, sniper removed himself from the head of the Australis government, as he reportedly felt too personal about the conflict.

Attempts at diplomacy

From the Australis side, a diplomatic solution was being pursued by Praeses Apexiann, who led a tour of the allied nations. Sniper, having took control of the Senate after his resignation, passed a law that required any alliances to be approved by the Senate, and which prohibited the usage of any roleplay to conduct state business. This reflected his earlier decisions to avoid any roleplay when dealing with Elyras.

Since Elyras used roleplay heavily in their diplomatic discussions, this made negotiations between the two countries practically impossible. Elyras withdrew from all forms of contact the two nations previously had, establishing a so-called "diplomatic embargo" on August 4[2]. Elyras community further took offense when a member of the Australis delegation made racist comments during their discussions. Australis claimed officially that it was only a "joke of poor taste".

As talks had ended, Australis government expected their lands to be invaded, which caused them to close their borders in some capacity indefinitely. On the following days, they stated that none of their territory will be given up voluntarily, and "any illegal incursion would be considered an act of war". Despite his resignation previously, sniper continued to hold on to his position as Chief of the Senate, and continued to advocate for the termination of relations with Elyras.


Australis Union remained closed until August 12, 6 AC, when borders were reopened to attract more settlers. Unrelatedly, on the same month, the town of Sciathanach fell into ruin. Australis called this a "sho[c]king event" and proceeded to claim even more land from the northern section of the now fallen nation[3], while promising to rescind their claims if the town was ever re-established, which would prove not to be the case.

Ultimately, no invasion or any real military action would take place. Australis Union was disbanded not soon after by its government on August 25, 6 AC, and was for some time succeeded by the Ironwood Federation.


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