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Neutrality issue

Southnsniper - regarding your edit, the article was rewritten from a heavily skewed position to a more neutral one, presenting information gathered from both parties. I admit the Wiki might not have the full picture, so if you're available to present serious evidence to contest the content of this article, please feel free to reach out.

I bear no ill will against Australis Union, its citizens, nor you. I thank you for documenting your nation, which is more than most other big nations have done, yet it must be assured that what little content we have remains neutral in its view. I will be reverting your edit, but removing some remarks that might indeed sound unnecessarily negative.

The wiki is not a battleground, we do not concern ourselves about who is bad or not. Our purpose is to document what took place as honestly as possible. If you're concerned about your legacy on Alathra, you are free to return to change it. - Rikke (talk) 21:36, 4 June 2024 (UTC)