Newer Polk

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Newer Polk
New Polk

Newer Polk, also known as New Polk, was a town in southwestern Alathra.

Name and origin

The town of Newer Polk was primarily made up of refugees from the Datblock Server, fleeing from the violence and lawlessness on Datblock, leaving behind the Republic of Florida. The name New Polk refers to the early name of the Republic of Florida, Polk County. In addition, some spots in the city were named for its nation, the Ironwood Federation.


Newer Polk was founded on June 12th, 2023. There was previously a New Polk, however due to geopolitical tensions, it was decided to move off the continent. The first chief of the town was southnsniper, who was previously the president of the Republic of Florida and a Captain in the Ironwood Army. The other 4 members joining him were Avid096, yardog9, TeamTokes (the former president of the Ironwood Federation), and Unlockedbeast48.


The economy was primarily focused on agriculture and mining. The town was located on a diamond-rich location, which was entirely claimed by the town.

Newer Polk was also a major ship builder in the region, mainly building for the Confederation Navy


The town had an unofficial militia. In addition, the S.S Panther was equipped with 3 cannons that could have been used for bombardment