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Communes of Kavisay
Tushatis Kavaskálan
Flag Emblem
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: "The Land Where Star Never Falls"
Anthem: "The Star of Sania"
and largest city
Official languages Kavisayn
Religion Avasonism
Demonym Kavisayn
Government Yasmarist Semi-Democracy
 •  Chairman Staclome Wosdan
 •  Premier Leonartu Asurath
 •  Deputy Premier Ampre Talkon
Legislature Kavaskálan Assembly
 •  Upper house The High Three First Secretariees
 •  Lower house The Council of The People
Kavisay formally the Communes of Kavisay is a county located in the Eastern Ceyreto. The nation consists of 2 Communes. The nation's metropolitan area extends from the Xian River to the Coast of the Grand Central Ocean and also currently has a population of 10. Kavisay is a Yasmarist Semi-Democracy with it's capital and largest city being the Vivora of Sanigrad with the richest city being Dordasky. Kavisay is not native to Alathra but sailed to the lands from a distant world called "Lunor".


The name "Kavisay" comes from old ancient Kavisayn Scripts. In Kavisayn the word "Say" means Land for example Soktasay would be "Land of the Soktas" which were the ethnic Jisaquen group that inhabited Kavisay before being intergrated into the nation. This meaning "Kavisay" means "Land of the Kavi's" which is the main ethnic group of Kavisay.



Kavisay was first started in the Lunorian Region of Loshsay inhabited by the early Jisaquen Race. The Jisaquens learned how to hunt and farm food. Eventually they learned how to harvest trees, food and other basic materials. They began to make tiny settlements in Loshsay which turned into the first tribes of Kavisayn Civilization. There were tens of tribes scattered around Loshsay, the main one being called "Kasisa" being lead by Josjoli I. Kasisa soon began to develop multiple armor, tools, weapons and more. Multiple tribes joined the Greater Tribe of Kasisa fearing to be conquered, and soon The Tribe of Kasisa began conquering and reformed into the Imperial Kingdom of Kavisay.

The Kingdom of Kavisay began developing farms, villages and founded the village of Saopi which would eventually become the Imperial Capital of the Kavisayn Kingdom of Kavisay. After the passing of Josjoli I, the second king "Josjoli II" came into power. He began taxing the people and implenting strict rules upon the peasants of Kavisay, executing anyone that did not follow his order.