King Robert Valtara I

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Robert Valtara (also known as King Bob and during his travels as Banjo Bob and Bob the Banished" is a human male most known for being the inept King of Valtara directly after the civil war.

There is no detailed paintings of King Robert Valtara as he banned all portraits of himself in a royal decree.


Robert is a 6'1" human with dark brown hair, yellow-brown eyes, and pale skin. He has a slim build except for a slight muffin top.


Early Life

King Robert was born during the Valtaran civil war during which he was sidelined as unfit to rule by the previous king in favor of his half-brother, Gem Valtara. Growing up, Robert was confined to the walls of Blackthorn where he developed a reputation as an inept drunkard. Despite this he also gained a surprising affinity for statecraft, showing himself off in debates and whatever trifle diplomatic incidents his father had sent him to resolve. Though, this skill was mostly used to justify his own shenanigans more often than not. With the death of his father, the civil war soon ended and the following peace treaty between the royalists and the loyalists, thrusted Robert into the throne at the age of 18.

Rebuilding Valtara

Robert did very little in this endeavor, only ever insisting on brewing his own alcohol, assembling the largest military, and as he liked to put it "bullying weaker nations". There were a few, notable moments where he did in fact act as a King, these being becoming the protector of The Brood of The Bahiez and the "Kavisay" incidents.

The Triumvirate of Ceyreto

Robert wanted nothing to do with The Triumvirate of Ceyreto. While he gave his approval to form it with his nation being a major member region, he was too busy drinking to care.


Robert put himself into a self-imposed exile shortly after the formation of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto, where he fled the nation with the entire royal booze stockpile and royal treasury into the mountains. During this time, he adopted the names of "Bob the Banished" and "Banjo Bob" and would travel the entire continent of Ceyreto, spouting the word of his anti-communist campaign and whacking those who questioned him over the head with a banjo. His exile would end as he encountered James Dalonsford, who assured him that he was still a king and that he could still accomplish great things. And so Robert changed his name to "Bobulus" and declared the hill he stood on at that moment to be Bobantine Hill, where he'd establish a new Bobantine Empire.

Current Day

The current whereabouts of Robert Valtara are unknown. It is believed that he died of kidney failure due to the massive amounts of alcohol he consumed and with a BAC of 15.2.

Royal Decrees

The following is a list of some of the most infamous Royal Decrees from the time Robert ruled as King.


"By the power invested in me by myself I declare that every Tuesday will forever be known as “Bob will not do any work day”. I will not be doing anything related to productivity on Tuesday so do not ask me to."

Second Tuesday Act

"By the power invested in me by myself I declare that every Wednesday will forever be known as “Tuesday 2" now."

Thursday Act

"By the power invested in me by myself I declare that Thursdays are now banned. You're welcome."

Anti-Communism Act

"By the power invested in me, King Bob, the best king u have, communism is herby banned in politics. You're welcome."

Bob's Booze Act

"By the power invested in me by myself, all alcohol brewed in the nation belongs to the King."

No Portrait Act

"By the power invested in me by myself, there shall be no paintings of me."

Anti-BigElf Act

"By the power invested in me by myself, Big Elf is an enemy of the state, and anyone caught supporting them will be executed."


King of Valtara (Former)

This title was gained upon Robert's coronation, where he became King of Valtara.

Snockoid Destroyer

This title was bestowed upon Robert by The Brood of Bahiez after he stepped in and defended The Brood from aggression from the Sublime Ben Xiao.

Competitive Drunk Sailer

This title was self-imposed by Robert after he successfully sailed Valtara's first built naval vessel after the civil war while heavily inebriated.

Competitive Drunk Horse Rider

This title was self-imposed by Robert after challenging a passerby to a horse race while heavily inebriated and winning.

Protector of The Boozeworld

This title was self-imposed by Robert after his commissioning of the Blackthorn Brewery.

Three Time World Champion of Rock Bashing

This title was self-imposed by Robert after being attacked by 3 zombies while heavily intoxicated and successfully killing them with nothing but a rock.

Conqueror of The Commies

This title was self-imposed by Robert after the second altercation with the communist nation of "Kavisay" where he and his royal guard were attacked by overwhelming odds and fought back the attack while on a diplomatic mission.


Gem Valtara | Half Brother

Benicio Valtara | Cousin

Enriq Valtara III | Father

Ignacio Valtara | Uncle