James Dalonsford

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A portrait of James Dalonsford

James Dalonsford is a 23 year old businessman and aristocrat, renowned for his involvement in many a fallen nation, and for rising the ranks from poverty. He stands at 6'1, with short, dark brown hair and blue eyes, in addition to a nasty scar on his back following a boating accident in his youth.


Early Life

Dalonsford was born as the son of an impoverished fishing family in northeastern Rhumlaantd, and from a young age showed clear success in regards to his way with words and money, a skill which brought his family increased profits as a result of his negotiating talent. Eventually, these talents were put to good use and he began to rise the ranks of Rhumish nobility, eventually ending up as a paige to a former lord. It was in these formative years he developed further, eventually establishing naval prowess and controlling a small mercantile fleet, an assignment which brought him some favour in the Rhumish court.

Rhumish ascension and Principality

Following his Mercantile service and time as a paige, Dalonsford continued to rise the ranks, eventually ending up controlling the Rhumish Principality of Dalonsford off the eastern coast under Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II and commanding the eastern fleet, all before the age of 19. Before the formation of his principality though, there were border disputes pertaining to the extension of its regional claim, one which served to fuel the fans of regional conflict. Following a large-scale continental war, the Principality was abandoned, with Dalonsford fleeing abroad to avoid repercussions, landing up in Valtara to do so.

Valtaran Nobility

Following the war and his self imposed exile, Dalonsford came to the shores of valtara, participating in a contest to win his citizenship, sanctioned by Gem Valtara, and bestowed with many a titile. In addition, he was also granted a small fief and property at the docks, in addition to a position of senior command in the Valtaran Navy and Militia during the time of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto. Sadly, just as he had secured stability in his life once again, it was uprooted due to the conflict between Valtara and a now independent Zydel, which though many were lost in battle, he found solace thanks to his dual residence in Arkendell, which ended a year or two after with it's fall. In addition, he committed a slight bit of meddling in the conflict, supporting both sides to maintain his illustrious titles, a play which ultimately benefitted him immensely.

Formation of the Principality of Dalonsford

After these repeated strokes of immense ill luck, James made it his mission to establish an independent domain to prevent further events such as those that occurred from happening to him. Thus, the Principality of Dalonsford was founded, and remains to this day as a one-man regime that benefits both king and subject, based off the collection of isles in the north of Omis.

Territorial integration into Id'eskana and founding of the Principality of Dalcester.

Following increased economic strain placed upon maintenance for the castle, James Dalonsford ceded the territory the Sdarianige of Æskana after its abandonment, and ventured back to his true home of Ceyreto to found its continuation state, the Principality of Dalcester.


His Highness, James Beowulf Reginald William Charles Thomas Dalonsford, Prince of Dalcester, Count of Dalonsford,, Count of Thornswick, Baron of Thornsbury, Baronet of Thornsley, Voivode of Thornograd, Earl of Dalonsfordburychestershire and the Aetherian Isles, Lord of Megwick and Ju Xing Tu Di, Renowned Admiral of the navy of Ben Xiao, Citizen Admiral of the Royal Valtaran Navy, Just Guardian of the Fertile Lands of Shimmer, Stalwart defender of the High Seas of Snora, General of the Valtaran Militia, Chungleshuck of the Baboolas of Kodrata, Biggie Bogging of Tiny Town, Quartermaster of Vaulte, Thane of Caer Umbattathis, First and only champion of the Blackthorn Games, Grand Architect of the Esteemed Land of Ledyz, Righteous Captain of the Snoran order of the Knights of Kojara, Heir to the Former Throne of Rhumlaandt, Grand Overseer of the Northern Omis Archipelago, Advisor of the Emperor of Aeskana, Tenacious Scribe of the North,Banjo Bearer of Emperor Bobulus the Conqueror, Quartermaster of Whitecreek Mercenary Compamy, Chief Financial Officer of Whitecreek Mercenary Company, Honourable Financier of the Blackthorn Guild Hall, Hand of the Bobantine Emperor, MG Man of the Year, Tamer of the Great White Elephant of Rukia, Conqueror of the Triumvirate of Ceyreto in General, and the Peninsula of Rukia in Particular, Founder of the Internationally Renowned Dalonstone Lager Company, Heir Apparent to Chasis the Inevitable, Conqueror of Ceyreto.


Gem Valtara: Friend, Liege (formerly)

King Robert Valtara I: Liege (formerly)

Sigefraed var Maereltsyn II: Liege (Formerly)