Illay Carbonara

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Illay Carbonara was an explorer and adventurer born in 160 BCW on illums hethal alc[1] in Blackthorn, Kingdom of Valtara and died in 114 BCW on cranans hethal asda had at the age of 56 in The Black Maze. He was best known for creating the first and only full terrain map of Alathra, the mythical dynmap[2] which took him 19 years between 139 BCW to 120 BCW.

Early life

Illay was born in the city of Blackthorn to Rach Carbonara, a famous writer and poet who was a member of an ancient minor nobility. In his early years he would play with the future king, King Ernesto II and became best friends with him. When he was twelve he was enrolled in the Blackthorn academy and became an outstanding student in geography, cartography, and sailing. In his last two years of school he chose to speciallize in exploration against his father´s wishes of him speciallizing in diplomacy. When he was sixteen he was old enough to join the royal court and likely joined the Order of the Black Rose around that time. After graduating from school he began working on a ship in the V.R.N.[3] and five years later he could afford to buy his own dinghy and began sailing the world.


When he bought the boat he began sailing around Alathra without a goal in mind but just after a month of his voyage he began noticing the lack of accurate maps of the world due to the fact that most of them only covered great empires who could afford such things, their separation as multiple different maps and the fact that even those that did exist were incredibly inacurate and only availiable to the very wealthy. So he embarked on a new mission, to map out the world accurately and make it available to everyone. He began with his home island of Valtara and after 23 years finally finished it in the far-away continent of De Rah. After completing the map he went to the island of Sucalid where he met a powerful mage who offered to enchant his map so that it would track the changes people made to the world with the downside that it would track their locations at all times. Illay agreed after the mage explained that he could make it so that those who knew a secret password would be able to disappear from the map while their actions would be tracked.

After this success Illay returned to his home of Blackthorn after 23 years since his departure due to a rumour that was spreading among sailors of an ancient maze from the time of King Hadas having been rediscovered. The maze was rumoured to have been the place where King Hadas put traitors as punishment and considered only those who got out as true Valtarans. No one ever got out. Illay sought to become the first person to fully map out The Black Maze and became the only person in recorded history to have escaped proving that he was a true Valtaran. After completing this monumental feat he went back in to fully map it out. He died in the attempt though according to some experts his manusripts are still down there with an almost complete map of the maze, though the map has been rotting for to long to be in any suitable conditiion to read at all.