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The Scarlet Sun Dominion's banner depicts the Scarlet Sun atop the Great Ziggurat.

Laplace is the capital city of the Scarlet Sun Dominion. Founded in mid-summer of year 2 on the landmass of Omis by a collection of different migrants, Laplace has since grown into a bustling and towering edifice in the desert.



Prior to the founding of Laplace, an unknown group of predecessors created the basic structure of the ziggurat for a purpose unknown to the modern settlers, although much speculation remains to this day.


Whilst which section of the population arrived first at the ziggurat is heavily disputed between the main groups, the general establishment of Laplace as an independent city with an official governing body took place in the summer of year 5. A clan of dwarves, a small caravan of dark elves and a steady stream of human migrants all traveled to the Aralese Expanse around the same time, quickly establishing a settlement on the middle tier of the ziggurat before swiftly expanding onto the lower tier.

In modern times the ziggurat is completely urbanized, with any space not taken up by buildings filled with gardens and farms. Additionally, some settlers have spread out from the ziggurat itself, forming satellite settlements in order to greater spread the influence of the Crimson Sun. These include Layla, a bustling port town on the mouth of the Araloi River as well as Enlil Abullu, a mountain settlement dedicated to a great waterworks project.

Historical buildings

The architecture of Laplace is dominated by the ziggurat structure itself, upon which most of the city rests, and especially the Scarlet Monolith at the very apex. This colossal structure is truly antediluvian, and now serves as the building from which the Dominion is governed, acting as a council chamber for both internal and external conferences.


Flora and fauna

Although the city is situated within a barren desert, the unique wellspring spouting from the top level of the ziggurat has allowed Laplace's populace to transform the structure into a verdant oasis, filled with farms, gardens and trees. Interestingly, the only form of native fauna present in Laplace is a teeming population of axolotls who thrive in the canals and ponds of the city; how they first arrived in Laplace is unknown, although some locals have taken to considering them sacred animals.


The surrounding deserts are harsh and barren, unforgiving for any travelers seeking the oasis of the Aralese Expanse.


Laplace is a racially diverse city, sporting major populations of dwarves and humans, as well as a notable minority of dark elves and beastfolk. As of a year after the establishment of Laplace, the population census reports a species ratio of roughly:

  • 50% Human
  • 30% Dwarf
  • 10% Dark Elf
  • 5% Beastfolk
  • 5% Other


Common practice

Although the locals are now referred to as Araloi collectively, the culture of the city has yet to settle into many distinct cultural practices. As Laplace was formed extremely quickly from a diverse mix of peoples and cultures, the unique nature of the city quickly necessitated the development of an easily learnt pidgin language, swiftly dubbed Aralese. This language draws mostly from dwarven vocabulary, with some light elven and human inspiration.


Religion forms an extremely key part of Araloi culture, although paradoxically it is rather decentralized. The faith surrounding the Crimson Sun is interpreted in extremely varying manners, with continual debates raging over the nature, purpose and significance of the ziggurat and it's symbolism. Some groups have established specific sects or cults where multiple like-minded individuals preach their specific brand of piety. A small number of these sects have been considered dangerous, as they seek to delve deep beneath the ziggurat, in order to free something they believe lies beneath it.


The nation of the Scarlet Sun Dominion, as well as the city of Laplace, is ruled by a council referred to as the Crimson Collective. This council is comprised of individuals deemed crucial to the function of the nation, as well as some individuals granted a position through being a fundamental component of the city, such as the dwarven clan leader. One member of the council has been known to be elevated in times of importance to gain executive control over the city, but these are rare events and normality is quickly restored afterwards.



Currently Laplace is best known for exporting fine wines and tequila, as well as high quality rose quartz mined from a great cavern under the ziggurat. Most trade is done through the port town of Layla, although currently work is underway to excavate a canal to connect the Araloi River to the waterways in the jungle north of the desert.


Wood is the primary import taken into Laplace due to the limited supply available from the gardens within the city itself as the nation's territories do not reach outside of the desert environment.

Foreign relations

The Laplace Coat of Arms.


Towards it's birth, Laplace had a rocky relationship with the nation of Idrolia, their primary neighbor on the mainland. An initially negative greeting coupled with the Sultur of the bordering Azurath regularly pressuring the independent city to be vassalized led to the need for a summit between Idrolia's leadership and a representative of the Crimson Collective. However, as the High Chief of Axolia was not able to attend the meeting ended in little more than an informal agreement to leave each other well enough alone. In the years following however, relations between the two nations have greatly improved over time, partially due to the effects of the Festival of Waxing Rays held in Laplace.

Minor tensions have occurred since, mostly due to the perceived overreaching of outposts made by the Dominion reaching uncomfortably far into the northern jungles, but these issues were eventually resolved through diplomacy.


Ever since initial contact with the city of Baobana and later nation of Reniala, the states of Laplace and Baobana have been firm trading partners and friends, forming a quick alliance in order to produce mutual benefit. This alliance was formalized in the early spring of year 5, and since then the Scarlet Sun Dominion and the nation of Reniala have been firm allies.

After the Festival of Waxing Rays, more frequent and relaxed interactions with Idrolia eventually led to a more positive relationship between the nations, finally culminating in an alliance. This pact was further reinforced between the positive relations between Alith Pinepelt, the member of the Crimson Collective responsible for foreign relations, and Khimrie Bronzefin, the current chief of Idrolia.

In more recent times, due to frequent trade caravans sent out from the Araloi Desert to interact with the greater world have borne great fruits in positive relations with many foreign nations, including the folk of Celestiae, Blackthorn, Scarred Hallow and Ælfscyn, with continued interactions even leading to a formal acknowledgement of friendship between the nations of Blackthorn and the Dominion.