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Abençoadas sejam as estrelas.

The Kingdom of Celestiae, known simply as Celestiae is a swiftly expanding nation positioned on the continent of Prsata, within the island of Lesbis. This contemporary but steadily thriving nation is primarily home to the Selunari, fae and elven races. However, a recent census shows quite a diversity of different races, cultures, and religions.

The Early Valley

Long before The Kingdom Of Celestiae was even notioned, the Selunari were a people of unity, fun, and love. They settled in a beautiful valley encased in flowers and overseen by the stars and their protection. However, a provoking enemy of variant humans struggled to share their lands with their foreign neighbors. A struggle broke out in the middle of the night and the unprepared elves found themselves weakened and without supplies. They were forced out of their home and started a long journey to the realm of Alathra.

The Rise Of Celestiae

Zoe De La Luna and Misty Eleftheria were but two of the few survivors of this recent escape but even as refugees, started a small hamlet dubbed Lunaria. This experimental but quickly advancing civilization grew a strong reputation across multiple continents, and they swiftly became a place of peace and love. Together, Zoe and Misty rose to the task of leading a nation. The Kingdom Of Celestiae emerged, and with it came other civilizations as well. Lunaria, Eclipsa, Nebulora, and Cormellar united under this nation with the stars, Moons, and Suns.

The Descending

As the recent disappearance of Zoe leaves Misty an unmanageable mess, she steps down as Astrarch and appoints an unrelated heir to the kingdom. Bingi Fynnvar, a fairly experienced Starholder of Eclipsa is entrusted with this sacred rank, as both a nation leader and a majesty of The Kingdom Of Celestiae. Through this quite new string of responsibility, Bingi made a deal with the Drekifolk. The Drake of Dracheburc, Vormaug and Bingi arranged a deal that would soon end in an argument, a deal break, and the likelihood of war.

Paired with the recently disappeared Selunari and an attempted assassination, Bingi too steps down not long after. They gave this role to Celyni Darkmoore, wishing him the best of luck as they move to a new nations and settlement.

Unknowing of how to tend to his role in The Kingdom Of Celestiae, Celyni, through his lost hope and guilt, left both Eclipsa and Celestiae to elsewhere on a different continent, leaving the country to go into ruin and nothing but a memory of a once thriving people.

Goodbye Celestiae.