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Alathra is a worldbuilding Minecraft server with a mix of geopolitics and light roleplay, focused on creating an interesting history from the events and actions of players within the land of Alathra. We strive to form a friendly community built around a mutual love for Minecraft and storytelling.

This wiki is dedicated to documenting all of the lore that develops on the server. Contribute by writing about your nation, town, or more! Regale us with tales of your character's many escapades or your country's rich and tragic backstory.

Featured article
The Guldhirian conquest of the Rot Wuds, also known as the Thaambaile War, was the successful conquest of the lands of Thaambaile by the Kingdom of Guldhir. It ranks among the most significant wars in Alathran history, as most major nations across Kuthara were involved in its course. Lasting from Jule 12, 5 AC to August 5, 6 AC, the conflict claimed an estimated 1500 lives, most of them on the Thaambailian side. The end of the war resulted in notable demographic changes across the continent and was soon followed by Guldhir forming the Rauthwald Empire.

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Current events

  • Elves clash with orcs of Dulkun Khorro in southern Adelaar.
  • Id'eskana enters a transitionary period following the untimely death of its first emperor.
    • Emperor Jeroboam is declared deceased roughly a year after falling ill.
    • Flumenia declares independence from Id'eskana, resuming its status as a city-state.
    • Aurelia Celestide is elected to reign as the first empress of Id'eskana, and as its second leader in its lifetime.
  • Following a crisis of faith in Kalikhan, the township of Concord separates along with Lesser Kalikhan to form Kalikrozpospecta. The city of Kalikhan falls, leaving Grander Kalikhan without a governing body.
  • Actualia disbands after a falling trend in the adoption and practice of Johnactualism worldwide.

(See this page for the entire New Frontiers timeline.)