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The Confederation Of Peraselle
Pente dem Selle
Banner Coat of arms
Motto: "O tempo é aqui"
Anthem: "Meu andam"
Official languages Common Alathran, Porto
Ethnic groups Starchildren, Perithian
Demonym Perasellen
Government Confederacy
 •  Astrarch Bingi Fynnvar
 •  Acanthi Ezare Furded
 •  census 31
Currency Perasellen Dollar (PSD)

Peraselle, officially the Confederation Of Peraselle was a nation settled within the mangrove islands and midwest of the southwestern continent of Prsata, birthed from the newfound allyship between Eclipsa and Perithia. This state was recognized for its diversity of both species and history, the capital having seen much through the time of its establishment. Governed by two sanctioned parties that represent the government capital and its equal counterparts, The Confederation was lead by the crowned Astrarch and heired Acanthi who take government control over their respective states, as well as Englxnd of Luvianos and Argran of Drowningdale who similarly, rule their settlements under the provisions of Peraselle.


The Confederation was established in the late months of 9 AC after a discovered connection between the island city of Eclipsa and the shoreside hamlet of Perithia. Two months later into the founding of this aspiring nation, two more towns joined the Confederation and the leaders of their respective lands rule over Peraselle as something similar to a family rather than a close form of government.