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Cos wandered the beaches of Koganon, attempting to hold back tears. She wore a flowy purple dress, fresh daisies in her pocket. it reminded her of her horse.

Her happy place was alone. Her best friend had "disappeared" and she wasn't ready to go back to Praetara. CosmicBrookie: Not with the current state of the nation. Her visit to the Source, while wonderful due to her friends, was still... hectic. The Streets of Lydoneia were still unsafe, prone to treachery and miscreants prowling in the late hours of the night. No place for a young woman that had been through so much...

It seemed wherever she went, she didnt. "I haven't seen the whole worl yet. Only two more continents..." She kicked at the cold sand, before sitting, just behind the lowering tide. A small crab pinched its claws and shuffled back into the ocean.

This is realxing.. I should go to the beach more often.

Zodd : Zodd always went to sea as a sufer, He made the point of not traveling with a royal entourage nor as an official monarch, wearing nothing but his robes from Pyrrhia and Eres pendant, a laconic man only when it came to the harsh waves. However, Koganon was not a land of harsh waves. All Zodd saw before him were the whitewater ripples of a dead coast. He thought of his friend Steven, now dead. "What did Eres plan?" thought Zodd. Zodd thought himself clever man, but even he was dumbfounded at the inner workings of fate and the motives Erses, which presented themsleves to him in vorious disguises... Zodd pushed his surfboard into the sand and sunk to the ground to pray... Hwne he looked down from the sky he saw over the hill a young woman; on the other side, not standing over 5'3, amazing flowing strawbreey blonde hair. A soft green dress.

"What curious sight."

Zodd didn't see many women, having spent most of his youth among the elder druids, and Eldia having a population decile after the War of Nothern Aggression. To see a young woman, clearly not of Cresvlitsin origin on a desereted beach... "Curious" thought Zodd. he stood up and tiptoed over to the woman with his suferboad, trailing his robe behind...

CosmicBrookie: Who's that in the distance? What is he carrying?

She stood up slowly, stumbling after sitting for a long period of time. The boy respectfully grabbed her arm, to keep her from failing.

"Oh.. uhh... Hello. Who is this guy and why is he touching my arm...

Zodd: "Evening.. meek wwaves today, don't you think?" The woman's hair was blonde like his, although seemed finer, softer. Zodd had never seen a woman that seemed so soft on the exterior but with hard and intense eyes. Her eyes matched her sage green dress, it reminded him of the woods of Arith... He stared into the woman's eyes. Something sunk in his stomach. he hadn't felt this physical sensation ever, not in battle nor in the heat of the duties as King. What was this feeling?

CosmicBrookie: "The waves? Still relaxing though. I find comfort in the quiet."

She brushed his hand off of her, Disregarding the awkwardness. She was affectionate, but quite weirded out by the strange boy.

Cos blushed at the situation

Cos, why are you always blushing at these boys?!

"I didn't catch your name

Zodd: "Mithras. Mithras the first, at your service..." he took his hand and twiddled with his Sun pendant necklace "And yours?"

"Cosmic, Cosmic Rose" She replied

"Well, Nice to meet you, Ms. Rose."

CosmicBrookie: "Please, call me Cos. It's nice to meet you, Mithras." She took awe in his sheer beauty. "What are you doing on the beach this early? The tide isn't high enough for surfing... Does it ever get high enough for surfing?" Isn't that water super cold?

Zodd: "I'm unsure. I was hoping the waves would be gnarly. Back in moo they're massive. Even Eldia has some good ones. Down here has beem.... Disappointing to say the least."

he sighed, thinking of his firend Steven and home. The melancholy was there, but the eyes of this woman helped it a bay. CosmicBrookie: "I've been to Moo, Briefly. It's beautiful. {URSUS I"M LOOKING AT YOU) Huge waves. I've never been much of an ocean person. We don't get mcuh "ocean' in Praetara."

Cos steps back, to take in his full look. She recrognize him.. From somewhere.. But where?

"Where are you from? You look so utterly familiar."

She remebered him, They had met briefly in Sun Harvest, While Cos was helpling Moon build the Gazebo-Ballroom.

Zodd: "I was born in Eldia, thought raised by the druids of Pyrrhia. I now reign as Solar King of Eldia and Heafodmann of Eldian race, protector of the faith.

the titles and glamor were still new to Zodd, he sound almost like a child impressed with himslef while saying this. Zodd slightly giggled and in doing so took a deep breath, behind the smell of the sea was a hint of something... Vanilla/ He thought of pancakes and how he was a boy.. the girl.. this Cos smelt of vanilla... extrasweet. He stared into her eyes for a moment and then felt the cold rush of water hit his bare toes... the tide was coming in. He looked back into the sea and saw large waves starting ot form. perhaps Erses had answered his prayers.

"Surf's up!" shouted Zodd, snapped out of the trance from this woman. he grabbed his board and ran out to the water, dropping his robe behind him and taking to the waves in such a way one could think he was created for the sole purpose of hanging ten...

CosmicBrookie: Cos stared back into his eyes. Lost in them. Frogetting her awardness. When he broke the contact, she was almost upset.

"Oh, You don't mind if I watch? We don't get much surfing Praetara, Im very intrigued!"

In her head, Cos knew that she only wanted to watch him because she needed another chance to talk to him. maybe I have another chance!" Cos took a seat on a chunk of dry driftwoond, She stowed her bow under her legs, to keep it safe. You can never trust people TOO much.*

She watched in awe as he surfed the waves, impressiveky doing tricks and such.

Zodd: Zodd returned to shroe sand in his hari and dripping wet. His Sun pendant glistened in the now settling sun. He dried his as a dog would and put back on his Pyrrhian robe while stumbling towards Cos in the sand- "You should try sometime... Life without surfing is like life without... well without surfing! It sucks."

Zodd would smile and kick at the sand

"I can teach you sometime if you'd like...I'll be here tomorrow morning, around this time?" Zodd blushed, symbolizing alight desire for her

CosmicBrookie: "It's a date! Well.. Not a date... Unless you want it to be?"

Cos stop being so awkward he probably has a girlfriend

She cringed at her awkwardness. Why am I always like this?

She started to blush as he got lost in her eyes again.

Zodd: Zodd would smile and pick up his board again

"It's a date then... I'll see you tomorrow morning, bright and early, by the light of the Solar Father..."

Zodd would start making his way back to his campsite where the rest of the Eldian sailors and Solarian pilgrims were resting, a big grin on his face. He couldn't believe his luck.

Morning came and Zodd was doing morning prayer, followed up by a ST. Robb Prayer. He saw Cos coming over the hill...What a sight to see. And what's that she's wearing?

CosmicBrookie: "Dress to impress? Right?"

That morning, Cos had woken up, and put on a blush flowy dress, above her borrowed wetsuit. Do you like it?

The wetsuit looked... amazing on her. Cos had always been very git, but this specifically brought out her toned calves and abs.

"Ready?" Zodd: Zodd took her hand and lead her out to the waves. She initially fell... several times. More than you could possibly count. But eventually, she mananged to balance and get a few decent waves in. Everytime she fell, Zodd would swim up besife her and laugh. They surfed for hours. But, over the horizon an Eldian messengar appeared from camp and waved from the shore to King Mithras. Mithras and Cos had already started walking to shore when the messengar had arrived and handed a letter to his King.


Zodd looked over the letter, his eyebrows furrowed.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to set sail earlier than I anticipated."

Zodd looked at Cos she looked saddened, but her eyes and figure were still stunning. The sun hit her just perdectly. A sign from Erses himself no doubt...

"What if you came with me?" Zodd asked in a playful tone

CosmicBrookie: "I would be okay with that, I like to wander, and I can leave you alone whilst you work. I know that duty calls at the worst time."

  • Cos looked back into his perfect eyes, Observeing his blushed face.

Zodd: Zodd would grab her hand then put his index finger to her chin. He pushed her chin up ever so slightly until they were mere centimeters away from each other. They could smell salt form the sea on each other. He pulled her face in and kissed her. They then proceeded to walk back to the ship, hand in hand, to sail to Eldia. Zodd is an adult

CosmicBrookie is 16