Xolis is a man known for his metal arms and sudden shifts of behavior. Lethos.

Xolis Metalarm
Other namesMetalarm
Known forMetal Arms
RelativesFather (deceased), Sister (Presumed dead)


Early Life

Xolis was raised by his father on a farm in Sotonia after his Mother died in childbirth. His father was the shaman of his village and occasionally tutored him in such magic. After his father passed, he joined Lethos and began practicing magic. It was the uneducated abuse of magic that lead to the fracturing of his mind and his more unstable personality.

Bringing Lethos to Alathra

His entry into Alathra is one that baffles even himself... He sort of just showed up.

Political Beliefs

As long as people act professional he doesn't give a shit.


Some vague shamanic religion. Not very strict about it/


  • Xolis once climbed the side of an airship, punching footholes into it with his hands.
  • Half of Xolis' face is covered in a metal plate that he has grafted to his skin.
  • Xolis has never undergone any medical training in his life