Alathra Heritage Preserve

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The AHP, north of the Ironwood Federation

The Alathra Heritage Preserve is a independent section of land in the southwest continent of Prsata. Consisting of 200,000+ chunks of prairie and forest, it is considered to be the largest nature setting in the world.


The land sits upon 2 provinces of the former Australis Union , a nation that once ruled over 30% of the Prsata territory. Sniper expressed his desire to make it a preserve due to the wonderful heritage that this land has in regards to alathra history.


The main biome is known as the Cherokee Prairie, a massive prairie that stretches across the entire northern section of the continent. Guarding the borders of the prairie is the Chippewa Forest to the central south, the smaller Creek forest to the southeast, and the Seminole Forest in the southwest which partially expands into the Ironwood Federation. An artificial forest, the Choctaw Forest surrounding the ruins of Newer Polk, is also counted.

In addition, multiple rivers are in any ways connected to the preserve. They are

-The Moonshine River to the southwest, bordering the Ironwood Federation

-The Ocala-Tallahassee River system in the center.

-The Unlocked River to the far east, bordering Birchwater

The entire coast line is also lined with sporadic shipwrecks and coral reefs.


The vast preserve is home to several notable animals

Australis Wolf Pack

Made up of several ex-army dogs led by Sniper, the Australis Wolf Pack inhabits the southern portion of the Choctaw Forest. Current pack estimates are around 11 individuals.

Newer Polk Herd

Released on the borders of the Choctaw Forest with the Cherokee Prairie, the 17-strong herd of cattle was reported to have begun moving east towards the Ocala-Tallahassee River system. Factoring in the gradual breakup of the herd, the estimated time to reach the river is around a month.

Navy Flock

Previously used to collect wools for military banners and cannons, the ruins of Newer Polk is home to the Navy Flock, a 12-strong flock of sheep.

Australis Mustangs

Once part of the Australis Union's experimenting with horses, the Australis Mustang is distinct among other horses for it's endurance. Purposefully bred for racing, the herd is already estimated to have moved north to the ruins of Praedium


Observations from the IWDF have resulted in several reports of elephant herds inhabiting the grasslands to the far east. However, these reports have largely been unconfirmed.


The biggest threat to the preserve is illegal squatting on the territory. Because of this, to protect the natural habitat, the Ironwood Defense Forces is primarily responsible for the defense of the preserve, routing out illegal squatters and mining operations. Mining however is legal on the preserve with a special permit that costs $100.

It also appears that the wildlife is aiding in the defense, with one killed by the Australis Pack after provoking the wolves.