Alchemic Freedom

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Alchemic Freedom

by H3adsUp7Up


Out of the fumes of alchemical creations is a man. One not born of noble blood but a man forged from relentless years of hardwork and study. His hands calloused but his position ascended. I have bared witness to the flaws of current governing bodies. Where it is a miracle for one to move up the totem pole of society.

As I brush my pen on this document have it be known I am not here to start conflict with some of those in power but to the people who deserve more in life.

Chapter 1: The Alchemy of Democracy

Governments should be similar to the processes of transformation. Allow decisions to be open to the people, wether they are rich, poor, are of other races, species, or gender let them decide upon the forever changing world events. Let their ideals ferment and bubble to help formulate the policies of the nation they call home.

Chapter 2: The Elixir of Freedom

Similar to elixers granting vitality and rush of life, the every day mean should live as such. Spreading his wings and breaking his chains from the aristocratic bodies. As it is a disgrace for a ruling party to do such action on one's own citizens. Have them be able to easily forge their own destinies. Individuals should not be measured by their heritage but by their skills and abilities that allow them to help grow a community. Let no family crest deny the pursuit of happiness of anyone.

Chapter 3: Alchemical Balances of Equality and Justice

It is essential for all to hold the same rights and liberties. Where no one is above the law. At the sign of tyranny and censorship governing figures should be held accountable for their atrocious actions. Every artisan, laborer, and governing official must fall under one banner as equals and prosper as one.

Closing Statement

The time of transformation is upon us. No matter where you hail from have. Know your freedoms and know who you are as a person