Alec Lockward

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In-game appearance of Alec Lockward


A raccoon humanoid of unassuming stature, Alec Lockward modestly stands at a height of 70 inches, blending seamlessly with the proportions of a typical human. Despite his 28 years, Alec maintains a quietly youthful countenance, marked by a timeless quality that hints at the passage of wisdom beyond his years.

His slender frame carries an unpretentious grace, and his fur, soft and understated, seems to catch the gentle glow of moonlight, inviting a gentle touch. The smooth texture of his coat reflects the care Alec dedicates to preserving his unique appearance with unassuming diligence. Not afraid to embrace the rugged aspects of life, Alec isn't hesitant to let his fur be tousled in the pursuit of his ventures.

Alec Lockward's wardrobe, though varied, reflects a sense of humility in its diversity. His outfits, tailored for different occasions, range from unassuming regality suitable for diplomatic gatherings to practical attire ideal for ventures into the unknown. Alec navigates the art of fashion with an effortless modesty that mirrors the simplicity of his character.

Alec's youthfulness conceals the depth of wisdom acquired through astute exploration and diplomatic finesse.

A portrait of unassuming elegance, Alec Lockward moves through the realms of the Azuria Estate and Commonwealth of Blackthorn with a timeless grace.


Awakening on the sun-kissed shores, I, Alec Lockward, began my journey finding my fur cloaked in damp, grains of sand clinging to my pelt. The gentle lull of waves revealed my presence in the quaint seaside town of Piscis, a jewel within the expansive Chiefdom of Idrolia. In the dreams of its ambitious mayor, Khimrie Bronzefin, Piscis aspired to burgeon into a thriving harbor, a hub for maritime commerce.

Initially, I embraced the simple life, immersing myself in mining endeavors while reveling in the role of a trouble-prone yet endearing citizen, often pursued by the determined town guards. Fate, however, steered my path towards the grandeur of the Azuria Senate. Ascending the ranks, I claimed the title of trusted advisor to the Azur, the Senate's esteemed leader. Yet, the foundations of Azuria Senate quivered as cracks marred its once-stalwart facade.

Sensing the impending tumult, I chose the path of strategic retreat, entering a self-imposed hibernation. A twist of destiny unfolded as the Azur, burdened by the mantle of leadership, relinquished the throne. The automaton of governance passed to me, the faithful advisor and the Senate's second-in-command, just as I descended into the embrace of dormancy. ㅤ As I slumbered, the Kingdom of Azuria dwindled, its territories contracting until only the capital, Urisa, remained. A beckoning from the Commonwealth of Blackthorn heralded a new chapter. Even in my dormant state, the decision to embrace the offer materialized, and Urisa metamorphosed into the resplendent 'Azuria Estate.'

ㅤ Awakening from my restful sojourn, I embarked on a mission of rejuvenation. The dilapidated remnants of Azuria Senate's past echoed with whispers of history. With purposeful intent, I dismantled the abandoned structures, paving the way for the grandeur of Azuria Estate. A majestic manor, framed by a front courtyard overlooking the vast expanse where ocean and river embraced, took form—a testament to Azuria Estate's renaissance within the Commonwealth of Blackthorn.

Now I, Alec Lockward, traverse the waking world with renewed vigor. The story unfolds as ambition intertwines with leadership, weaving a tapestry of a raccoon humanoid's journey from the sandy shores of Piscis to the majestic heights of Azuria Estate—a beacon of prosperity poised at the confluence of history and destiny.


Astute Geographer: Alec Lockward possesses an innate understanding of geography, skillfully navigating both physical landscapes and the intricate territories of political realms.

Political Acumen: With a keen awareness of the complexities of politics, Alec demonstrates a savvy approach to navigating the corridors of power, making him a trusted figure in diplomatic circles.

Diplomatic Virtuoso: Alec's preference for diplomacy over war showcases his ability to seek peaceful solutions to conflicts, backed by a strategic mind that ensures calculated negotiations.

Strategic Visionary: Beyond his immediate surroundings, Alec's strategic mind allows him to envision and plan for the long-term prosperity of Azuria Estate.

Curiosity Unleashed: Fueled by an insatiable fascination for the undiscovered, Alec perpetually seeks answers to existing questions while actively pursuing new avenues of inquiry.


Intermittent Isolation: At times, Alec tends to withdraw into isolation, potentially hindering effective communication and collaboration with others.

Combat Ineptitude: Lacking combat skills, Alec relies on diplomatic finesse, making him vulnerable in situations where physical confrontation is unavoidable.

Emotional Investment: Alec's deep emotional connection to Azuria Estate may cloud his judgment or decision-making, as personal ties may influence his choices.

Current Goals of Alec Lockward

Alec Lockward, in his multifaceted journey, harbors a diverse array of aspirations. At the forefront of his ambitions lies the pivotal goal of redeveloping Azuria Estate. With a vision fueled by revitalization, Alec envisions transforming the estate into a bastion of prosperity, where the echoes of the past harmonize with the promise of a flourishing future.

Simultaneously, Alec directs his gaze towards the sprawling Commonwealth of Blackthorn. In this pursuit, he seeks not only to establish diplomatic ties but to forge genuine relationships that transcend borders. By weaving threads of connection within Blackthorn and beyond, Alec envisions a tapestry of alliances that enrich both Azuria Estate and the realms beyond its borders.

As Alec Lockward navigates the intricate dance of redevelopment and diplomacy, his goals echo not only the ambitions of a leader but the aspirations of an individual committed to weaving a narrative of growth, collaboration, and enduring prosperity.