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Fae ({Fairies} are the beloved creatures of the Forest of Fae/Fairies and take care of the Forest and its creatures keeping out the evil. They are seen as magical and mystical as they come from a different world while bringing good to this one.Though being weak to the properties of Iron and Gold)

Ace Raventree
BornForest of Fairies
EducationThe Library of Life
Parent(s)Diana & Robert Raventree

Early Years

Ace Raventree is the Last son of a very average family of Fae Mages and Worshippers of the Tree of Life. He was born 15 years ago. His mother Diana, would take care of him for many years as she did for all his siblings. He spent most of his time growing up playing with his friends in sword fights and learning the basic arts of magic from his father. There started the foundation of his growing interest in the arts of magic.

The Adventure

The Start

As his Mother and Father died when he was just 12 he set off on a journey hoping to figure out how his life should be led in Alathra. At the start he was frightful and scared of the terrors that they may bring but he remembered the Stories that his Ancestors had passed down. With the fright now behind him he seemed to be fearless and even seemed to welcome the obstacles in his way to a fight seeing the forest as his very home. He would soon find the next part of his journey in the Arcadian Altanate.

The Arcadian Altanate

After travelling far across the seas Ace would finally make it to this new nation