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Adlin is a traveler from a far distant demon village, his mother was a human and his father a demon, through this bloodline comes his half human half demon appearance.


Early Life

Through almost his entire life he was seen as a devil because of the love his mother and father had, there were only one personwho would speak to him, his loving father who was always there and tried to teach Adlin the basics of sword fighting, although Adlin tried he could never become as well handled with the sword as his father, Adlins mother had left almost as soon as she had given birth to Adlin. Later in his life his father had another child with a demon woman, this child would be Adlins half brother who he would help grow throughout most of his life.

Notable Event 1

CoolWikiCharacter founded Cool Wiki Town and became its first mayor. Voted into public office by the citizens, CoolWikiCharacter is beloved by all.

Notable Event 2

Political Beliefs

CoolWikiCharacter is a supported of -ocracy. They have voiced their opinion on such matters in an open forum style discussion about the future of their town on a day.


CoolWikiCharacter is the founder and chief leader of the religion of Write Your Damn Wiki Articles.


  • CoolWikiCharacter is on everyday, allday
  • CoolWikiCharacter sometimes goes by the name Herobrine
  • CoolWikiCharacter's name does not appear on the Dynmap or server list, nor does it take up a player slot
  • CoolWikiCharacter is a medical anomaly